Saturday, September 29, 2007

Google links

I recently checked the sitemeter on this blog to determine if there were enough people actually reading this thing to make it worth my while and to see if my little steppitos might be reading, in which case, I'd have to do some serious censorship. As it turns out, VTK's been getting plenty of hits and none of them are coming from the region of the kids. Another interesting aspect of the sitemeter is that you can tell what google searches people were doing that linked them to your site. Here are a few of the searches that led people to VTK:

- "Viggo penis size" led someone to this archive page that had a post about Viggo Mortensen and a separate comical story about a, well, a misunderstanding.
- "alcoholic cerebralism" led someone to this post.
- "Jacoby Ellsbury’s girlfriend" - led 4 people to this post.
- "wild lap dance video" led someone to this post.
- "how to give a lap dance" led to it too.
- "hot dog keeper" led someone to this one.
- "trapper keeper unicorn" led someone to this one.
- "cisco liquor photo" led someone to this of course.
- and the name of a former employer of mine that rhymes with schmedelitee combined with "follies", a combination that probably has been googled quite a bit in the last few years, led someone to this archive page, listed as the second link, with my name and picture all over it. Not that I really care, but I feel a little bad about mocking the place/people (eg. Sharkhunter Guy. No offense intended, ShG. All in good fun.)

I can't wait to see how many people make their way to this page via google searches of various combinations of the above words. I'll keep you posted. I'd also like to encourage any alcoholic strippers who like hot dogs and cisco to comment. I could be good for you. I really could.


Dan said...

update: since posting this, I've gotten four more unique hits from google searches of Jaco's girlfriend. Dude, hit the town. You're the hot ticket right now. Also, Viggo, I got another hit from someone looking for information about your member. Rock on crazy man.

Dan said...

more updates on phrases that led here:

"athlete shit herself"
"philosopher assholes"
"dress like bret michaels"
and several more inquiries into Jacoby Ellsbury's girlfriend.

blythe said...


Dan said...

You said it. I'll probably get some more clicks from cisco searches as well. This post is going to generate a tremendous amount of publicity for VTK through all the cross word googling. I just got one for "Viggo girlfriend".

Dan said...

"beast hot dog 9"


Anonymous said...

Bring back Shark hunter guy

Dan said...

update: I still get an average of about 5 visits a day from people googling "Jacoby Ellsbury's girlfriend"