Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fake Mustache Party

Yesterday was moving day at the 86 Norfunk Compound. A fond farewell to old roommate Paul. I'll miss the daily baseball etc chit chat. Good luck at your new pad. And a warm welcome to new roommate Becky. Welcome to the Compound (which you're already quite familiar with - but you're an official insider now). To break in the new household, Joel had the wisdom to bring over the necessary ingredients for a kicking fake mustache party: beer and mustaches. I, of course, was excited at the prospect of reprising my creepy mustache guy role from Jazzfest. The rest of the gang was into it too:

Jeremy went for "the square" and looked like a pedophile.

Joel went for "the hero" and looked pretty normal.

Becky went for "the hollywood" and looked shockingly like Peter Sellers.

After "the sheriff" turned out to be a dud, Sean went for "the weasel" and as I continued to tell him ad nauseum, he looked like a weasel.

VTK went for "the bruiser" and added another chapter to the creepy VTK saga.

The new staff at the Compound:

And one more of the Practical Slacker practically slacking up on the roof:

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that bee-spot stopped by in the early AM on her way to the OU tailgating party:


Dearest Cupcake said...

Yes. And Yes. I think you should consider growing one and take the party full-time.

Dan said...

think I should stick with the bruiser or mix it up a bit?

blythe said...

i wish i could be photoshopped in! i have a real mustache, though.

Dan said...

No problem.

blythe said...

i'm so happy about this! i commented long ago, but i think deleted in my excitement! i am high fiving myself! thanks! also thanks for covering up my real mustache.

Dan said...

What are you talking about? I haven't done the photoshop yet.


blythe said...

ooh burn. good one.

your day is coming. but later. i gots work to do first.

Dan said...

bring it.

Duffless said...

Weird, I call my apartment the compound. Alas, no awesome fake moustaches.

Dan said...

Get on it. $5 at the novelty store.