Friday, September 28, 2007

Caribou - Melody Day

Clearly, I am not "with it". Which of the many indicators specifically clued you in, Dan? I just now, right now, heard of this band. Unless one of you suggested them to me and I wasn't listening. For the others of you, who aren't "with it", enjoy:

Yet another quality band coming out of Canada. Has anyone else noticed the relation between the decline of hockey and the rise of great music from Canada? just sayin.


The Practical Slacker said...

Angus Young/ Frank Zappa / Pete Townshend Gibson SG: check
Paul McCartney Hoffer Bass: check
B.B. King Concertmaster Gibson: check
KickAss Drummer: all set.

Glorious post-punk, fuzz-folk, indie, Canadian psychedelia?

I live cement; give dirt to me. I'm gonna buy tickets when I sleep this off. Heh.

Dan said...

I live cement; give dirt to me.

you said it, dude.

Jeannette said...

When people ask me what music I listen to, I say Canadian.

Perhaps you'd like this photo:

The Practical Slacker said...

I think there were little bubbles coming out of my mouth as I hiccupped while typing the above comment.

Dan said...

You typed Jeannette's comment?

Canadian rock rocks.

Nice cranes. decent form. not great, but decent.

Dan said...

Incidentally, I bought this album (Andorra) and it's a thumbs up.