Thursday, September 20, 2007

The View

I have seen maybe a half dozen youtube clips of The View in my life and have never watched the show on actual television. Occasionally, while surfing through the top 5 pages of videos on youtube, one seems like it might be entertaining. It's always a mistake. It's always irritating. I always castigate myself for being lured into wasting 3 minutes of my life. Today was more of the same with the exception of one pretty mindblowing argument by Barbara Walters on the legitimacy of science. I got sucked in by the title "Sherri Shepherd The world is flat" and was starting to get that familiar feeling of self-loathing over having wasted three minutes of my life on their inane babble around the 3:30 mark, when B-Dub let fly with the type of analysis only she is capable of:

If you didn't catch that, it was:

"Look what we have now with internets, and and and and babies being born with fertility treatments, and babies being born in in in sperm."

This is the voice of reason on the View? Resume self-loathing at having watched that.

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