Monday, June 04, 2007

Hot Dog Ho Down 07

The Hot Dog Bar has been risen (mmmmmmm, Hot Dog Bar...). For 6 years, the International Federation of Competitive Eating's marquee event, the Fourth of July Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition, has been anything but competitive. Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi has been a man among boys and girls when it comes to scarfing down franks. He turned the sport of hot dog eating on its head when he shoved 50 dogs in his mouth in 12 minutes, doubling the consumption of eaters 3 times his size. For the next couple years, no one got close to touching him in IFOCE events like the Nathan's event or the reality tv show, The Gluttony Bowl. In fact, the only time he has ever lost was on the reality show Man vs Beast, in which he was bested by a 1000 pound kodiak bear (see video below). It now appears that he has some serious competition in human form. Joey Chestnutt, who made a legitimate run at the coveted mustard belt last year, has just broken Kobayashi's 12 minute hot dog record by chowing 59 in this year's qualifying round. That's a full 5 hot dogs (with buns of course) over the previous record. It is officially on. I'll be hosting the second annual Hot Dog Ho Down here at the complex on July 4th, so please feel free to come on over early afternoon (exact time tbd), for some casual frankfurter grazing or some ravenous face stuffing - your choice. As was the case last year, I'll have 5 different types of hot dogs, including two vegetarian options and plenty of mustard.


blythe said...

i simply could not believe this. in fact, i am still in shock. also, i lost a lot of money on this one. damn you kobayashi.

Dan said...

couldn't believe that the bear beat him or that Chestnutt scarfed down 59?

Anonymous said...

You can't beat the Alaskan Kruncher. You just can't. End of story.

-- John