Thursday, June 21, 2007

The New Dicky Dirt

Oi mates! Check out the new Dicky Dirt! Not a bad look for the Franz Klammers. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're a merchant banker and you're clearly not familiar with cockney rhyming slang. But what do I know. I'm just a septic.

In my last post on West Ham United, I said that I hoped Tevez would remain with the club, so that I didn't just consign myself to a lifetime of supporting a random team on the basis of four months of play by one player - most of which I didn't get a chance to actually see outside of youtube clips. Well, he's not going to remain with the club. I'd say there's a 95% chance that he's gone. But I'm holding out hope. And just now on the World Soccer Daily podcast, I heard a rumor of the Hammers making an effort to pick up the transcendent Juan Roman Riquelme. Villareal are officially done with Riquelme (though they still have him under contract), because of his problems with the coach and the rest of the team. He was sent on loan to my other favorite futbol team, Boca Juniors (Riquelme was on the Boca team that I saw play in Buenos Aires back in 2001), where he excelled and led them to their 6th Copa Libertadores championship yesterday, by scoring 3 of the 5 goals in the tie against Gremio. After his great performance this year, it's doubtful that Boca will be able to afford him again next year. Villareal will be entertaining much higher transfer fees from major clubs in Europe. Could West Ham afford him and would he want to go there? They could probably afford him since they've reportedly been given tons of money by ownership to spend on transfers and they struck out to the tune of 17 million pounds on Darren Bent while they were going after other players at the same time. I think if they really wanted to pay the money for a Tevez or Riquelme, they could afford one of them. Would either of them want to play for West Ham? I don't know. Probably not. Tevez has been rumored to be going to Inter, Madrid, Man U, and others. Riquelme's also been rumored to be going to Napoli or Juventus. Seems like the Argentines love the Serie A. Inter's got 4 players that play on the Argentine national team! But I've still got my fingers crossed for the Hammers. Check out this compilation of Riquelme's absolutely brilliant midfield work at Boca over the years:

You have to love youtube. 10 minutes of Boca Jr highlights right there. Bueno.

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