Wednesday, June 27, 2007

AMFC and the Blogging Wall

Air to the Mu'Fuckin' Conditioning. It's gettin' hot in here, up in my 3rd floor perch in Central Square. Like 97 degrees hot. After suffering through another hot night, faced with the prospect of baking here all day with my toasty little laptop underneath my hands, I broke down and busted out the AC. Joy. Sweet delicious coolness. I'm enjoying it while I can because I'd say the odds on Area 4 getting a blackout this evening have to be at about 2 to 3. Fuck you, NStar, fuck you.

That's all there is to say about AC in my post about AC, which brings me to part II of this post: I think I'm hitting a blogging wall. There are plenty of things I can bitch about in the sports world, but the VTK is not strictly about sports and some of my readership gets a little testy when I get too sporty. I haven't had any good crackpot theories or epic stories of drunken debauchery lately. I pass funny little clips along when I find them and think they're VTKworthy, but a couple of my sources have dried up in that department (and one now has his own blog for his web finds) and I don't seem to have as much time to surf for pointlessness/creepiness as you would think a self-employed artist who gets up between 8:30 and 10:30 in the AM would have. I could post some art, but the website's right there to your right and I don't want to post too much on the BCSDDB (on page 134, btw). I saw an interesting sketchblog yesterday. Maybe I'll do some of that. One of the original ideas of this blog was to have a place to put stuff that I didn't necessarily want on the site. I was thinking about political cartooning back then and I did a couple but lost interest. Which is also why there haven't been too many posts of a political nature - I've been generally uninterested in politics recently. I was going to whip one up on and FidelityOutofSudan about my former employer, but ... but what. why wouldn't I post about that? because I'm a privileged apathetic white american? I don't know why. But there are the links. Check them out and make your voice heard like I did. I guess I felt that in order to post, I would have to research more than I have and give an exhaustively succinct synopsis of the issues and apparently I'm a lazy privileged apathetic white american. Clearly now I'm going to have to do that since I've written it out loud and have chastised myself publicly. And clearly I can add asshole to that list of words describing myself since I'm whining about doing that. And now I'm going to have to erase all this out of embarrassment. But you haven't written a post about Darfur on your blog either, so I don't feel that bad.

anyway, point being: what to blog, what to blog...


Kristin said...

Blog Ideas: People love to read about themselves. You could be the "Pink is the New" of the common man. Reality TV is hot for a reason.

The new blog that I'm obsessed with is the "Ross the Intern" from the Tonight Show's blog. He's so gay and funny. He writes about people he knows and it's oddly fascinating.

marshall said...

How could you pass up on Kobayashi's mouth injury, and the fact that he's on the DL for the July 4th Nathan's contest this year?

Or is it all a ploy? Will he rise from the depths of facial muscle strain to defend his title?

Dan said...

Maybe I should do a guest blog post series, where frequent VTK commenters get to throw down VTK style on the main page, instead of in the comments. Be warned - I can't protect you from the critical eyes of the other commenters.

As for Kobayashi, looks like the IFOCE is saying he'll chow:

this smacks of a publicity stunt. the big comeback? He gets wheeled in with a jaw brace on his face, rips it off and starts wolfing weiners to the delight of the crowd? What is this - pro wrestling?

Dan said...

Two other notes: there was indeed a power outage last night in Area 4, but fortunately not in my apartment; I drew myself about 15 pounds lighter than I am - I look more like Grimace than that.

Duffless said...

I had a friend who's "electronic boyfriend" was apparently purple and called Grimace - -I'm just saying!

No, that friend really wasn't me, but hot damn grimace most have been one girthy bastard.

blythe said...

what's an "electronic boyfriend" and where do i get one?

p.s. the word verification word is "smenita" which i think will be the name of my second child.

Jeannette said...


so I visited your blog a few days ago, saw some of your art (skipped all the sports stuff), but I just couldnt think of anything to comment on the cisco post.

i come back today, and look! you linked me! sweet!

now i'll buy you candy. come ovah.

Dearest Cupcake said...

Speaking of pro wrestling, did you hear about Chris Benoit going crazy on the 'roids and killing his family and himself?

And I only read your sports posts when it has to do with fans throwing pizza.

Dan said...

duffless - I was your friend's electronic boyfriend - so named because I used to do the robot in bed.

blythe - you can find electronic boyfriends on most urban street corners where people are break dancing on cardboard.

jeannette - if by candy, you mean cisco, you're on.

dearest cupcake - she boycotts all VTK non pizza sports posts, and yet she knows more about professional wrestling than anyone I know. one of many reasons she is the dearest of cupcakes.

Kristin said...

Here's something to blog about:

So, I promised my sales team that if they hit their sales goal this quarter then I would buy them a GenPet to be our team's mascot.

They are so excited (they believe that GenPets are real) that they have started thinking of where we are going to display the Genpet and what we are going to name him.

Here's the question: I will in fact purchase the GenPet for the team if they hit their quota (they sell for about $700-$1000 on the website) but would the disappointment be crushing when they realize that they've become a victim of an internet hoax? Or would the team still enjoy it as a peice of modern art? Should I reveal that GenPets aren't real before I buy one?


Dan said...

what? I don't understand. It's a hoax but you're still going to pay $700 to $1000 for it? I didn't even see a place on the website where you could buy it. How stupid are your sales people? If they thought it was real then they're probably not going to appreciate it as a piece of modern art. Sounds like a crowd that might appreciate it more if you told them it was a hoax and then as they were getting all pissed and revolting against you, you roll in a big cake with a stripper inside and frosting made of cocaine. That can't cost much more than $1000, right? The coke might put it over the top, but you could definitely hire some strippers with that money, right?

Kristin said...

Dan -

Not sure if you were able to read the mission statement but we "celebrate youth through travel." We definitely do NOT promote or encourage strippers and/or cakes made with or flavored with cocaine or cocaine related products.

so you are saying that buying a GenPet is like the world's most expensive gag-gift?

You have to find the link on the site to the artist's page. He sells GenPets there.

I love them. "GenPet" is now a term of endearment in my office. As in "Good Morning my little GenPets" - when I arrive and greet my co-workers.

Am I turning into a Michael Scott?
I hope not. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

Dan said...

"celebrating youth through travel and accompanying them to the Mexican hospital where they get their stomachs pumped" Who are you kidding? You forget that I used to work con-jobs too. Lock the doors of the office and go for the strippers. A grand is too much for a gag gift.

no comment on the Michael Scott comparison.