Friday, June 29, 2007

Ray Allen Allan Ray

(Yeah, yeah, I know. This post was supposed to be about saving Darfur. What can I say. pick up a newspaper and read some alternative news websites. This is clearly more of a sports etc blog than it is a social justice blog. Oh well. I suck.)

I'm excited about the fact that the Celtics now have a backcourt consisting of a guy named Ray Allen and a guy named Allan Ray. That's pretty cool. Has that ever happened before? AR won't play much, but still. I like the trade, assuming (and this is a big assumption) that RA can come back from off-season double ankle surgery and be an effective 2 guard. We didn't get Oden, Durant, KG, O'Neal, Marion, or Amare, but we also didn't give up Big Al, Gerald Green, and Theo's expiring contract and we didn't gamble on young question mark that would take a few years to develop and would piss off our marquee player in his prime leading to him sulking and demanding a trade. Could have been worse and they can still pick up another decent player with their trade bait. Pierce/Allen/Jefferson is a pretty good scoring combo with Rondo feeding them all the ball. 6th or 7th seed in the East?

(And to the VTK reader who just subcontracted me for the summer to do some graphic design work, don't worry - my photoshop skills are better than that.)


Jeannette said...

I bet they get some kind of Sprite/Diet Sprite contract.

Dan said...

good call. Allan Ray is a Diet Sprite to Ray Allen's Sprite.