Monday, July 17, 2006

_____ of the Week

Shout Out of the Week – goes to my dogg, Sophie (who is a cat). The cat is my dogg. I was housesitting at Ginger Snap and the Prankster Principal’s place for about a week and ½ last month and my primary responsibility (aside from kicking the asses of all the burglars that broke in on a nightly basis) was to take care of the Soph-Dogg, aka Sophalicious, aka the Sopha King, aka the cat. I had been warned that the cat would kill me, that the cat feared change, that the cat puked after 25% of it’s meals, etc., etc., but we didn't have any problems. She loved her Fun Uncle Dan and we got along great. Watching TV loud, daily access to the basement, 2 minute no frill scratch sessions, fish flakes every morning, scraps of cheese, cracking cat jokes, staying up late. Maybe a little too late – there were a couple incidents of angry stomping down the stairs, followed by a glare, at 1 AM. So, having been told that my life was in danger, I went to bed. All in all, she loved her Fun Uncle Dan. So much so that she apparently made a break for the outdoors the other day in search of me (she usually has no interest in leaving the house). So this shout out goes to Sophie. Hang in there, Kitty. They’re good people.

80’s Music Video Hook Up Of The Week – goes to the PRT's 80's video playlist on youtube. 41 videos. Get your 1980's 120 Minutes on.

Unicorn Website of the Week – goes to Unicorn Art. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more links, including instructions on how to adopt a unicorn.

Screenhead Selection of the Week
– goes to Beth Agnew, certified laugher. oh. And she’s got more on her blog if you really want it.

Pittsfield Props of the Weekgo to Stephanie Wilson, NASA astronaut and Pittsfield native, who just returned from space with the Space Shuttle Discovery. She and her co-“robo chick” shattered the previous record for space robotic arm activity while inspecting the shuttle’s heat shield for damage. Pittsfield, getting it done. First baseball, then lexan (yeah, you can thank Dawes Ave’s own Dan Fox the next time you’re using your shiny white iPod, drinking out of a Nalgene water bottle, behind bullet proof glass), and now this? We are dominating this mu’fu#$%ka. It’s not even close.

Motherfucking Bullshit of the Week - goes to the NStar Electric Company for fucking Area 4 in Cambridge for the past 4 hours. Four fucking hours of a blackout on the hottest night of the fucking year. Fuck you NStar. Fuck you Cambridge. You know damn well this shit would not be tolerated in a rich neighborhood, but fuck Area 4. They can wait while I sip on my Iced Vanilla Chai and take my time fixing this shit. My roommate told me that it happens all the time and they brought it up at a City Council meeting and NStar said it would take 4 to 5 years to fix. FUCK YOU. Fuck you. Fuck you. There is no way this shit would happen in any other neighborhood. Kiss my sweaty ass, NStar and Cambridge.


Anonymous said...

soph-dogg says that if the power goes out again, you can come by for a visit. Apparently her regular caretakers have been stingy on the fish flakes lately and she needs some sweet Dan love.

--Principal Prankster

Dan said...

and it is sweet!

We're already over an hour's worth of electricity blackouts this afternoon. And I got a call from NSTAR (in Nebraska?!?!) which was a recorded message asking me not to use too much electricity. FUCK YOU Nebraska. You too, NSTAR. And you Cambridge. It's 100 degrees today.

Given the state of the world right now, I shouldn't bitch too much. I could be one of the 900,000 Lebanese residents that the World Health Organization predicts will be displaced by the end of the day today.

Duffless said...

Punk Rock Girl and Dear God!! Holy shit - -


Dan said...

yeahr it is. and big props to the PRT for pulling the playlist together.

PRT said...

Many thanks for the props, D. I owe it all to the VTK. How would I have found youtube withoutcha?

Dan said...

I do like me some youtube.