Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Dog!

I took a quick break from my World Cup watching yesterday to welcome several VTK readers over to the Norfunk Compound to watch my other favorite sport: competitive eating. I am, of course, talking about the annual 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition at Coney Island. This year promised to be the most exciting competition since the reign of Kobayashi began, with a 22 year old American, Joey Chestnutt, having proved that he is capable of breaking the 50 barrier. Finally, a legitimate challenger. No offense, Badlands and Black Widow, but you were never really up to the challenge of taking down the Tsunami. Anyways, in honor of the big match, we hosted (the first annual?) Hot Dog Ho Down here at the house. After 40 minutes of pregame and the most exciting 12 minutes in sports, five types of dogs were served: Nathan’s Beef Franks, Oscar Mayer Wieners, Kayem’s Old Tyme Reds, Tofu Pups, and Smart Dogs. I started off by taking the first Nathan’s down Solomon Style (split in half and consumed straight up) followed by the obligatory bun consumption (dipped in lemonade to expedite swallowing). Then I went for a more traditional approach (bun, condiments) for the next two. Dogs 4, 5, and 6? Well, they didn’t happen. 3 is plenty. It was enough to fill me up and enough to tie Trivmaster for first place. The Coney Island Competition? Kobayashi won that of couse, breaking his own world record by ¼ of a dog. But it was not without its drama. Chestnutt ate valiantly, munching out to an early lead, but Kobayashi hung within 2 dogs and the bulk of the match was back and forth. In the end, Kobayashi was just too good. Chestnutt wolfed down 52 hot dogs. Kobayshi – 53 ¾. Well played, Joey C. We were pulling for you here at the Compound and we look forward to great things from you in the future.

Now back to the soccer. Allez Les Bleus!


Duffless said...

I have to award Kobayashi some mad style points for dying his hair Nathan's Cup orange/yellow. Well, played Kobayashi, Well played.

Dan said...

Blogger won't let you use html url links and it cuts off long links. What's up Blogga?

Kobayashi's the legend. I have to wonder if anyone will ever take him down. You have to think that Chestnutt took his best shot and still came up 1 and 3/4 dogs short. That might be his ceiling.