Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary Von Trapper Keeper

Seems like a lifetime ago. Or at least a year. One year ago today, I kicked off the Von Trapper Keeper experience and, well, it's been a ride befitting Mr. Toad himself. There were 160 posts, including plenty of lively discussion from all you Von Trapper Keeperites in the comments sections. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the year (excluding all references to J____ McG__ and The New York Yankees - no need to plunge us into unnecessary negativity). Happy Birthday, VTK:

- First Post – Wine Cork Push Pin Alligator - This guy's been holding down the back end since day one. Kudos to you, sir. And Kudos again.

- Detroit Stalker - The first in a series of creepy photos of me. Some people just are not photogenic. And that's ok.

- The Other Dan Nolan Chicago Portrait Painter - This dude's been trying to steal some of my glory. I tried to hunt him down on my recent trip to Chi-town but he evaded me.

- And who can forget The Shark Hunter Guy from my Fido days. kinda miss that guy. detailed:
------ here
------ here
------ here
------ and the book of job section of here.

- Valerie and Eddie – A Timeline - One of my personal favorites.

- Creepy Photo Two - Not uncreepy.

- Journalist vis-a-vis Blogger

- Philosopher vis-à-vis Blogger

- The effortless elegance of Maria Von Trapp's Meadow and the austere functionality of a Trapper Keeper. Updates on the namesakes:
------ here
------ and here

- The Jesus Larry Bird Year - Dan's going to hell.

- Shepherd Nails - definitely.

- Fat Guy In A Little Batman Suit - What's to explain?

- Steelers Win The Super Bowl - Just a reminder since they're clearly not going to win again this year.

- YouTube played a prominent role in VTK’s rise to power. One of my favorite random finds was this one. And of course, there was this one.

- Creep.3 - Would you let this man past security?

- Dude v Cart - Always on the cutting edge, VTK was the first major media outlet to publish the cult classic, Dude v Cart, starring yours truly.

- Cambyland - VTK's pub trivia team nearly duplicated this epic comeback last night. Sadly, we came up 2 points short. Even sadder, the waitress skipped me on the last round of the night. What was she thinking. Know your clientele, dear. The scruffy guy with the fat Irish face wants another beer too.

- Warnock’s Dilemma, A self-conscious rant about the forum nature of online crap, aka Dan Has Too Much Time On His Hands.

- Anne Frank – The Lost Pages – For a while, Screenhead was a fountainhead of genius clips. Now it’s a lame-o movie/tv review site. One of my favorites from the Good Ol’ Days was this failed pilot, which YouTube apparently removed, but can still be found HERE.

- Adieu YouTube – Speaking of YouTube removing clips, there was a time 4 months ago when you could document an entire tv series on your blog by using random videos from people's YouTube accounts, like this, but now they done gone all google (owner of blogger/blogspot too) and we can’t publish this quality programming any more. That's a shame.

- VTK also provided an entire month’s worth of exhaustive World Cup coverage. I won’t recount it all in detail, but I will link to my two favorite Argentine goals: here and here. Viva Gauchos!

- Sweet Curry Chicken - There’s only been one recipe post so far, but I’m planning on posting more in the future.

- The Evolution Post - A classic VTK crackpot theory.

- Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy - The first VTK affiliated graphic novel, coming soon.

- There have even been a couple reader’s stories that are so good that they warrant their own post. Keep 'em coming, kids.

- VTK also dabbled in political discussion, including this post about the (then-imminent, now-actualized) abolition of the writ of habeas corpus by our shameful, shameful government. Shame on you fucking cowards.

- But let's not dwell on politics; let's focus on Japanese game show videos like:
----- Silent Library.
----- Ignore The Guys In Black

Quite a year. Thanks to all you readers who have helped shape the VTK. Barring any further legal action from Reginald Luchetti, VTK will continue to bring you entertaining and educational content with effortless elegance and austere functionality. Hasta La VTK Siempre!


Dearest Cupcake said...

Thanks for the VTK retospective, those were some good times. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!

Dan said...

thanks, D-Cup. I threw the Easter Bunny Hates You in there for you.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday VTK thanks for the memories. My faves - SHG and Chicago Dan

Dan said...

ah yes. two of the many colorful characters in year one of the VTK panoply.