Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

It's been a while since I've tightened up the loose ends, so this is the news folks and I am in here:

Book of Job - everything's still on track with the employment exit strategy. I'm in the midst of the 2 month span where I'm still technically employed but don't really have to go to work. "really" because I'm required to go in twice a week, but all that means is showing up and emailing my new boss (who I've never met) to let him know that I'm in the office. I got the official package in the mail yesterday - just left in the lobby. nice. How about a signature required for something like that? As for the Shark Hunter Guy, not much to update there. Upon hearing that I was going to be spending time pursuing artistic endeavors after leaving the job, he suggested that I start painting sharks (which I might just have to do). Yesterday, we gave eachother the dorsal fin sign in the hall, to which a friend said "I don't think I want to know", and I agreed that he didn't. I'm just riding it out at this point.

Book of Jazzy - McGee, that is. McDouchebag, that is. What an asshole. He usually starts the music at about 8:45 AM, which is fine during the week when I need to get my ass up anyways and can just go into my kitchen to get some work done. But on the weekend? Not cool.
So a couple weeks ago, I banged on the wall from my bed, and he seemed to turn the bass or volume down. Last week I tried that again, but he didn't turn it down, so I stomped up the stairs and knocked on his door and he turned it off immediately and didn't come to the door. I stood there for about a minute, but he didn't answer the door so I went back downstairs and he kept the music off for the next few hours. Then yesterday, he fired it up as loud as I've heard it in the late morning. It was like living in a blown speaker. So I start banging on the walls, yelling up, banging the ceiling with the mop. Nothing. So I went upstairs and started knocking on the door and when it became clear that he wasn't going to answer the door or turn down the music, I started yelling my plea through the door. That's when his neighbor came out and sympathized with me. "He's out of control. It's like a concert in there. I've been pounding on my walls." So we talked out loud about how much he sucked and how thin the walls were and then gave up after airing our grievances. He played about two more songs and then shut it down. This guy's a serious asshole. Next step: I leave him a note. Step after that: landlord.

Book of Rock - I went to Avalon on Friday night to see Morning After Girls, Elefant, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. MAG started the show and played a pretty good 30 minute set to about 60 people. Elefant came second and royally sucked. Really bad. In fact, this photo from their myspace page pretty much captures it. Possibly the cheesiest lead singer ever. BRMC was ok. They've recently transitioned from their old Jesus and Mary Chain sound to a rootsy blues sound, and at best it was an awkward combination. Weird show. We went to the Pill at Great Scott afterwards and made a pretty successful evening out of it.

Book of Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy - After finishing my recent commission and in between editing sessions on the forthcoming short film, tentatively titled Dude v Shopping Cart, I've been getting in some quality work on illustrating the story of Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy into graphic novel (grown-up's comic book) format. This is going to take a long time and should be about 200 plus pages when done. Right now I'm just doing the first draft of the layout, from which I'll draw the final pages. It's a ton of work, but after seeing the DVD behind the scenes bit about the illustration of Miyazaki's Spirited Away, I'm up for it. Those guys and girls are horses.

Book of Random - And finally, it has come to my attention, that some readers of Von Trapper Keeper skipped over the clip of Osama bin Laden on Family Guy, so I'm republishing it here and calling it mandatory viewing. "What did I say? Radaman? What is that? Yeah, maybe Dennis Radaman is going to punish you with his crazy hair!"

That's the news folks and I am outta hair!

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