Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Delonte Caliente!

Any of you ladies lonely out there on Valentine's Day and looking for some love? While I'll likely be sitting at home watching American Idol, my main man Delonte West of the Boston Celtics is puttin it out there for you.

"So, we are done eating, man, we've got to have someone singing while we're eating. OK, so from there, we're doing a midnight skinny-dipping jump. Alright? From there, hopefully she's got money because I hope Jaws gets her, boom, make sure she got me in the will, bank, I'm good. Oh well, shark got her! Jaws got her. Nah, we ain't going there.

Do some skinny dipping, but keeping it clean fun, don't need to get all right to the point, you know, keeping it clean. Boom, get back, take her back home. Give her a kiss, tell her I enjoyed my night, let's do it again. I don't want her in a situation, because skinny-dipping, she'll already be shaky about doing that if it's an early date, but most likely she will [skinny-dip], but I don't want to end up in one of those situations where you're feeling the mood too much and you try to press the situation and you came all out your hook up. And now you leave feeling lame because you'd try to force the issue and she really wasn't with it, and I know that's happened to a lot of guys out there, you done and feel the night a little too much. So, just keep it nice and easy, and I think from there she'd have a good enough impression where she might want to do it again."

You are the Man, Delonte. Watch out, Wilt. Delonte's going for 25,000.

(thanks to Page2 for the interview and pic, which I blatantly ripped off, and Deadspin for the tip)

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