Friday, February 10, 2006

That Dahk Yoga

Wow. Let me just say that I had absolutely no knowledge of Dahn Yoga or their ways when I wrote that post yesterday. As I didn't think it was a post that required any fact-checking, I did none. I just thought it was wicked funny to say "Dahn Yoga" with a Boston accent and got a kick out of it every time I walked by the place. First of all, it actually is a chain: 350 worldwide, 147 in the US (50,000 members), 11 in MA (1500 members). More importantly, I was completely unaware of their cultishness and I officially retract my statement of love for that Dahn Yoga. It appears that they really are a dahning organization. I was alerted to the truth about the Dahn by Vlad (name changed to protect the identity of my source) who has observed their ways, secondhand. Apparently, they have a system of getting you to commit more and more time, money, and energy to the group, manipulating you into paying exorbitant amounts of money for workshops, getting you to become a healer and work for the group long hours (80 hours a week) for little pay ($200 a week), and convincing you to try to pull as many people as possible into the group. sketchy. I googled it and, while I am in no way claiming this to be an exhaustive examination of the group, I did find enough concurrence with Vlad's description to be troubled about the Dahn. This forum on has some pretty fired up people detailing their experiences of brainwashing and moneybilking at the Dahn, and includes a link to a video clip of the investigative report that was done by our local CBS news affliiate last week. That video (scroll back to the February 3rd videos if you want to watch it) supports the claims of Vlad and the posters on that forum: allegations of lacing food with drugs, some mystical Korean leader who wants to enlist "earthhumans to join his spiritual revolution", people dying of dehydration on Dahn treks, paying $4000 for "healing turtle" statuettes and $800 for "healing necklaces" and $?.?? for "vibrating power brains". What the fuhk?

Again, I haven't gotten any official comment from Dahn Yoga -- in fact, let's go to their website right now to get their side of the story -- and yep, sure enough, they have a video clip from another local CBS news affiliate (local to Arizona) which sounds a hell of a lot better than that one on the Boston channel. And, hmm, that's interesting. The glowing news reporter, Sarah Carlstrom, looks exactly like the sexy blond stretching out on the front page of the website (next to the video clip, which references the AZ turnout in the "last presidential election" on the news ticker, dating the report to November of 04 or 00 in all likelihood). May or may not be her. But either way, this testimonial by one member has got to be real:

I am an active member at the center ... I would like to start by saying that the Master Kim and all the Healers are amazing! They are extremely kind and I feel right at home when going to class! The individual attention they give to each member is remarkable! I joined Dahn Yoga because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two years ago at the age of 23. My doctor said I must work out and exercise. I wasted money on a gym membership for a year. I tried exercise tapes. I tried yoga tapes. I couldn't get into anything. I hate to exercise! Then one night my friend was messing around and threw a brochure at me from out the window. It was a brochure for the [Dahn] Center. I called and made an appointment and met with Master Kim. I joined in August and have been hooked ever since. Dahn Yoga has provided me with a positive energy that makes me feel healthy and well. I finally found something that works for me!

Holy crap! Dahn Yoga cures MS? Is there nothing that Dahn Yoga can't do?

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