Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back In The Bean

What's up all y'all VonTrapperKeeperites!! I'm back in my perch on Norfolk Street, pecking away at my beloved powerbook, drinking very strong coffee, and listening to WZBC. It is MYTCOOL I tell ya. I'll work up a proper VTK Heartland Revue, including details about the flavors and shenanigans of Chicago and Nashville, a possible video of me spanking some girl in a bar in Nashville, a likely video picture review of Costingo, and a picture of the plastic cup chicken that saved my ass from choking on Saturday night [insert your own choking the chicken joke here. e.g. for years he choked the chicken, and then the chicken saved him from choking. what a christian chicken. something like that. see, I didn't actually make the joke; rather, i presented it in hypothetical form, thus absolving myself from crassness. see? no?]. The short side of the story is that it was a great trip through the Hahtland and I'm psyched to be back home. In closing, I offer you the advice of my crazy little step-niece, S____ :

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