Saturday, October 07, 2006


What else can you say about the Yankees tanking 3 straight to a floundering Detroit Tigers team. Pathetic. Credit Verlander, Rogers (who I have bashed for 10 years), and Bonderman. But still. Dreadful performance by the Yankees. And did they have to do it while I'm surrounded by nouveau Tigers fans who don't know shit or really care but feel entitled to taunt me anyways. Kiss my ass, Tigers fans. At least Sox fans have the decency to accept a little hostility in return for their taunts without appealing for "good sportsmanship". Goddamn passive aggressive friendly Heartland bastards. Anyways, there is always talk about real Yankees vs non-real Yankees, and it's mostly bullshit, but there is a little something to it. For instance:

Real Yankees

Derek Jeter - 8 for 16, scored 30% of Yankees' runs in series.
Jorge Posada - 7 for 14, yankee pride dinger with 2 outs in the 9th today.

Non-Real Yankees

A-Rod - 1 for 14, no RBI, critical error today, gobs of men left on base.
Randy Johnson - 7.94 era, asshole.

That's pretty much all I have to say about baseball for the year. Today was full of other Heartland excitement: it was the first day of duck hunting out here, my step-nieces had a riveting soccer game this morning, I upgraded this pc to XP (but am too pissed off to post any pictures right now), and U of Michigan beat Michigan State.

Tuesday morning I exit Michigan for Chicago and Thursday I arrive in Nash-Vegas. I can't wait to smell some city again.

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