Monday, October 31, 2005

The Detroit Stalker

During a recent Arcade Fire show in Austin TX, the mysterious Detroit Stalker was spotted in his trademark geriatric glasses with that inimitable glaze of sweat and rib grease coating his face, skulking behind two lovely young patrons. The Detroit Stalker's recent return to the public eye has god-fearing intelligent-design-subscribing folks worried about a return to the creepiness that ruled the day before they took the upper hand in the Culture Wars. This was the third spotting of the Motown Mug in 2005.

This is clearly him monitoring a press conference of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Note the rib grease on the forehead.

Many are convinced that this is him lurking on a recent episode of the Emmy winning tv program, Lost.

I doubt we've see the last of the smirking stoic.

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