Thursday, October 27, 2005

Uribe You're OK

Congratulations to the Pride of the South Side, the Chicago White Sox. I was pulling for them since Chicago is technically my hometown (1973 through 1975, anyways) and my only experience with Houston was a 12 hour traffic jam in 100 degree no AC Mad Max conditions (thanks for the ride, Brian). As I write this, I'm stopping the clock: 14 minutes between the last out and the first commercial selling White Sox World Series t-shirts. Impressive. Anyways, final thoughts:

- How about Uribe getting all Derek Jeter on the last two plays to win the World Series. Great plays.
- Ozzie Guillen just dedicated the World Series trophy to Venezuela. Chavez press release forthcoming.
- I predicted the White Sox over the Astros in 6 back in the LDS. I'll take partial credit.
- Have there ever been three worse singing performances than the National Anthems by Aaron Neville and John Secada, and the God Bless America by Lyle Lovett? Come on, Houston.
- Was there any question - at all - that Edward Olmos was going to be the Emcee of the Latino Legends ceremony? Come on, Latino Legends.
- Who's less clutch: Brad Lidge or A-Rod?

So, that about wraps it up for the baseball season. Looks like Cashman and Fat Nosed Brooklyn Joe will be back in the Bronx, so at least some of the Old Guard will still be running the show. I'm not ready to talk about A-Rod yet. Theo's rejecting the latest offer, but I'm sure he'll be back. But enough about baseball until Spring Training. Like I've always said, Boston's a great town 4 months out of the year. I've always said that.


Anonymous said...

This is The Losers Century- We have both soxs on let the Cubs go for it(players needed) - Jake(from the Lake)

Dewy24 said...

"How about Uribe getting all Derek Jeter on the last two plays to win the World Series"

good but except uribe can go to his right.

JimEd said...

Uribe's play was adequate but lacked certain intangibles. Also Uribe doesn't lean all the way over the plate to watch every pitch into the catcher's glove trying to buy a ball, a critical flaw in his game in my estimation.

Dan said...

I'll take Jeter going to his right over Renteria going in any direction ... and I suspect that "jimed" is either a Blue Jays fan or a terrorist. We at the Von Trapper Keeper Headquarters don't negotiate with terrorists and don't give a shit about the Blue Jays, so I'll disregard that one. Keep the faith, Jake from the Lake (aka MYTCOOL?). Those North side wankers will win one day. Now, back to my 4 months of no baseball...