Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sons & Daughters – Final Sales Pitch

I’m starting to realize that I was one of roughly 600 people in the world who actually watched and loved Sons and Daughters. As a service to the good people of Von Trapper Keeper Nation, for whose comic taste I have the utmost respect, I’m going to post all of the links to the show here (YouTube kicks ass). Each clip is about 6 to 8 minutes. Let the debate over the Dead music vs the Cheap Trick music begin:

Episode 1.1
Episode 1.2
Episode 1.3
Episode 2.1
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3
Episode 3.1
Episode 3.2
Episode 3.3
Episode 4.1
Episode 4.2
Episode 4.3
Episode 5.1
Episode 5.2
Episode 5.3
Episode 6.1
Episode 6.2
Episode 6.3
Episode 7.1
Episode 7.2
Episode 7.3
Episode 8.1
Episode 8.2
Episode 8.3
Episode 9.1
Episode 9.2
Episode 9.3
Episode 10.1
Episode 10.2
Episode 10.3

And that’s it. I’m officially done pushing this show on you. [UPDATE: technical difficulties. I'm working off Firefox now instead of Safari and the linking is a bit different. I think these links should work now]

Finally, one administrative note: I apparently forget to mention that dewy24 did split the uprights in one of his kicks. Or possibly two. The oversight was unintentional. I was in the Zone at the time.


Christian said...

Ok i just watched Episode 1.1
looks pretty damm funny...
Got to love that Wojo is in it.

now I have another show that i have to watch every week...


Dan said...

Fortunately and unfortunately, Sons and Daughters got cancelled after these 10 episodes.

C'est la vie, Monomoy.