Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ecuador - Greatest Team Ever

Are you fucking kidding me with this? You bet your ass I'm rooting for Ecuador. I was rooting for them before on the basis of their being a South American team and on the quality of their tight, talented play. And then this shit. Oh man. This guy just single handedly bitchslapped every wide receiver on the face of the planet with this celebration. Best celebration since the South Koreans mocked Apollo Anton Ono after scoring on the US in 02. Actually, screw that; this was better. Maybe the best ever. Eat your heart out Nacho Libre. I'm going to order a minimum of a crate of these masks. I figure they can stuff alot of these things in a crate so that should be sufficient for now. I'll be selling them to VTK readers at cost, so get your orders in now.

Well, obviously I love me some World Cup. It has been quite a week. I don't even give a crap about the NBA or Stanley Cup Finals (though the Heat's comeback in game 3 and the Oiler's OT shorthanded goal in game 5 were pretty damn sweet). And did Mussina lose today for the Yankees. oh well. Fuge is doing a great job blogging on the WC over at The Double Deuce, so I won't get into detailed breakdowns of each game as you probably don't care, but if you do you can find it there or on ... well, if you care, I'm assuming you know where to get the goods. I will say that I'm still enjoying Michael Davies' blog and I will write a blurb on each match played in the first week:

Germany vs Costa Rica - 3 goals in the first 15 minutes of the World Cup - wow, that ball really is rounder than usual.
Ecuador vs Poland - Ecuador looks pretty good but their celebrations are lacking a certain something ...

England vs Paraguay - Bastard English didn't deserve this win.
Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden - Who needs goals?
Argentina vs Ivory Coast - I'm an Argentina fan and was glad to see them play well and win, but a part of me was pulling for Ivory Coast since the opposing factions in a civil war in the country called a truce for the duration of the Cup. Question - what if you just kept the truce going anyways? Let's just pretend they're still playing. (then again, I'm totally ignorant about the conflict and don't know the implications of that statement - guess I'll have to read up before tomorrow's match)
Netherlands vs Serbia & Montenegro - drank too much beer, missed it.
Mexico vs Iran - great effort from an Iranian side against a strong Mexican team, which I would have preferred to listen to without the horrendous announcing of Dave O'Brien, who at one point wondered aloud what the Iranian players thought about the Nazi staging platforms 600 feet from the stadium given "their leader's views on the holocaust". Shut the fuck up, jackass. Don't you have a curling match to call?
Portugal vs Angola - Portugal looks good.
Japan vs Australia - drank too much beer, missed it.
USA vs Czech Republic - USA looked like crap; Czech Republic looked like a contender.
Italy vs Ghana - Both teams looked like they could beat the US.
South Korea vs Togo - drank too much beer ...
France vs Switzerland - The Field has good food; Switzerland has handballs.
Brazil vs Croatia - Between his gut and the Croatian uniforms, Ronaldo looked like a fat Italian after supper.
Spain vs Ukraine - 16 to 1 baby, 16 to 1 ...
Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia - This match wasn't getting me out of the house and to the bar.
Germany vs Poland - CABLE!! What a heartbreaking loss for the Poles and their goalkeeper who played a great defensive match, only to give up a goal in injury time to lose 0 - 1. The most humiliating German Polish interaction since the WW2 repartitioning of Poland.

Ecuador vs Costa Rica - Not only does Ecuador have Ivan Kaviedes and his WWF masked marauder type mask, they have players with nicknames such as Ivan "Bam Bam" Hurtado, "Tin" Agustin Delgado, and "Demolition Man" Carlos Tenorio. Is this the coolest team of all time? I think it might be. I like the Ticos, but they got nothing on this merry band of wrestlers. Also, the second goal was positively delicious. One of the best of the Cup so far.
England vs T & T - Despicable English rip a draw from a valiant T & T defense in the 85th minute.
Sweden vs Paraguay - Sweden was 88 minutes into their second match, about to cement their status as the most exciting, non-scoring offense in the history of soccer, when they had to go and blow it by putting a nifty header past a heretofore brilliant Bobadilla in goal. Tragic to see Paraguay bounced out of the Cup because of this game and the England game, but that's what happens when you don't score. Gotta score.


Jorge said...

Excelent post, in Ecuador everybody cheers for the great game yesterday. But I want to inform you, that the yellow Spiderman mask that Kaviedes pulled out is actually in honor of a deceased ecuadorian player named Otilino Tenorio. He died last year, everyone loved him and his game.
Otilino used to wear this mask to celebrate the goals.

Dan said...

Right on, Jorge. Thanks for the information. I'm pulling for Ecuador!

RIP Otilino Tenorio.

Viva Quito!

TCN said...

On behalf of the sport of curling... we don't want Dave O'Brien.

The Curling News

Dan said...

For the record, I wasn't curling-bashing and am actually a supporter. I was going to go to the World Championships in Lowell (a 30 minute ride from my home) but couldn't get tickets. I was merely referring to the tone of the announcer's call of the game. It was closer to that of a curling or baseball game. I would never wish Dave O'Brien on you or anyone. I may watch the USA Italy match on Univision tomorrow, as I am convinced that ESPN is stupid enough to have them call the game instead of the superlative Glen Davis/Shep Messing combo. (I love me some Tommy too, of course). Rob Stone sucks too.