Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Melky Being Melky

It's not time for one of my Y.x.6 status reports yet, but I feel that I have a duty to provide this footage anyways:

"That's why when I hit them, I hit them 500 feet. So I don't have to deal with all that stuff." – Big Papi

And from Lupica: "Listen," Jeter says, "I'm not just saying this to say this. But if you don't win it's a waste. It's not enough to win your division, it's not enough to say you made it to the League Championship Series and you battled. Or that you lost the World Series, but boy, did you battle. That's not why I play. It shouldn't be why anybody plays. Here's the deal: You start working out in November, and you keep working, through spring training and into the season, and the whole time, there's only one goal, and that's to win the World Series. Not win the division. Win the Series. And if that's not the way you look at things, then you shouldn't even be here."

I'm officially into it.

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