Sunday, June 11, 2006

Regis Philbin The Southern Maine Chicken and Other Weekend Tidbits

Let's move on. Here are the other tidbits from the past week or so:

1. Thanks For Easing Me Into The Waking Life, Old Friend

My alarm clock's snooze is finally broken. The button broke off about 6 or 7 years ago, the face plate fell off a few years ago, but I continued to use it because I've only had two alarm clocks in my life and I was hesitant to replace my little companion. I just put my finger in the hole and press the piece of metal that was supposed to be pushed by the button. But now it's time to say goodbye to Ol' Number Two and buy alarm clock Number Three.

2. Amy Goodman takes Thomas Friedman to Task
The voice of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman, is the embodiment of hard core journalism. That's why I was excited to hear that she had Thomas Friedman on her program recently (transcript). She didn't go after him to the degree that she did President Bill Clinton in 2000, but he was flustered at the end. which was nice.

3. RIP Billy Preston
Known by many as the fifth Beatle, Billy Preston had an illustrious career, as detailed in this NYTimes obit. RIP BP.

4. Hemisphere Thriving
I stopped by the kids' restaurant, Hemisphere, in Sandwich on my way to and from a wedding in Orleans (congratulations John and Jenni), and while they are getting suhlammmmed, they are doing a fantastic job of keeping things together and running a kick ass restaurant. Keep it up, kids.

5. Ricky Gervais
In case you missed it, there's a new free Ricky Gervais video podcast. check it out on your iTunes Podcast Directory.

6. Enough Fear

Check out the latest project from Jethro and Nick, leaders of creative dissent in America (and my boys!): "The Enough Fear campaign is an international effort to prevent war between the US and Iran. We are collecting photos of Americans and Iranians on this website to demonstrate our solidarity in this cause." This hasn't been publicized too much as of yet because they're trying to get a good representation of Iranian voices (pictures) before it gets flooded with American pictures. But some people have been reticent to participate for fear of being singled out and investigated by the NSA etc. I just assume that they're watching me, so fuck it. Please consider posting a picture now or in the future when the numbers get greater. It might make a difference. These guys do good work (,,, etc).

7. Dirk vs Bird
I'm about to watch game 2 of the NBA Finals. This bit from the last game from analyst Mark Jackson: "the only thing Bird did better than Dirk was passing and making people around him better... He can be better than Bird. He’s a better rebounder." Whoa. That's just a lie. Bird averaged 10.4 rebounds for his career. Dirk averages 8.5. That’s a big difference. This is so stupid that it's hardly worth mentioning. Dirk is a very good player. But he's no Bird. That's just absurd.

8. World Cup

Since the last post, I've watched every World Cup match except this morning's 9 AM Holland vs Serbia & Montenegro match. That would be 7 matches in 48 hours (and the Field has done very well for my presence). I love me some World Cup. The best game I've seen so far would have to be the Trinidad & Tobago shocking 0 - 0 draw against Sweden. Not only were they big underdogs, they played the last 45 minutes a man down. Great defensive display. People who complain that there's not enough scoring in soccer just don't understand. The US kicks off tomorrow against the Czech Republic. I'm going to be watching it with some old friends who will also be witness to my big field goal kick (the other football) after the game. A year or two ago I guaranteed that I could hit a 35 yard field goal - on the first attempt. Because of the stout that will no doubt accompany the game, I'm pushing for one practice kick for calibration. I'm also pushing for 8 to 1 odds. And I'm taking bets.

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