Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rods and Cones Craziness

There are some seriously fluorescent uniforms in this year’s World Cup. My eyes are going crazy in here. On another superficial analysis tip (and that’s really unavoidable when you watch 25 soccer matches and hours of analysis between games in a 10 day span), here’s an interesting link for those who have been watching the matches with me and have endured my analysis of the diadora shirt fonts (thanks to Michael Davies’ blog for the tip). Here’s the weekend recap of the actual games:

Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro
– Holy shit. To put this in perspective, Serb/Mont only let in 1 goal in all of qualifying and only one goal to a talented Holland side. And Argentina absolutely destroyed them. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a beatdown in the World Cup. Their substitutes (Tavaz and Messi) were as good as anyone playing in the World Cup. Will their keeper and their outside midfielders’ defense hold up? If they do, Argentina will win its 3rd Cup.
Holland vs Ivory Coast – The Ivory Coast are officially my 3rd favorite team in the Cup, behind Argentina and Ecuador. They have to be the best team to ever be eliminated from the World Cup in two games. I cannot wait for the Argentina Holland match.
Mexico vs Angola – Tremendous effort by Angola, whose 2 best players are inexplicably unemployed. Until this match anyways. The keeper’s earned himself a job for sure. If nothing else, I’ll pay him $10 an hour to do odd jobs around the house. I could use a partner to do my morning high parry exercises.
Portugal vs Iran – I’m still unsure about Portugal. They seem to be the most talented team in this group, but they haven’t made a really definitive statement yet (like England).
Czech vs Ghana – Baffling beatdown by Ghana. I’m very impressed by the African teams in this tournament. They may all get eliminated in the first round but they’ve all played well (actually I don’t know about Tunisia and Togo, but ignorance has never diminished my assuredness before so why start now).
USA vs Italy – Finally, the US arrived in Europe. A scrappy draw. Hopefully they will still have some legs for the match against Ghana (sans Pope and Mastroeni).
Japan vs Croatia – didn’t see it, but am a bit surprised at Croatia not winning.
Brazil vs Australia – Brazil is still not at full form yet, but was good enough to handle the plucky Socceroos. Gotta start Robinho over Ronaldo. Gotta.
France vs Korea – oh, France. Come on now. And does Treguezet really suck so bad that you won’t put him in until injury time of your second match when your major problem is finishing?


Dearest Cupcake said...

As a representative of your sports-illiterate readership, may I request that you play up the "human interest" aspect in your sports writing? By way of positive example, I'll direct your attention to Monday, May 12th's post which - while discussing the game - provided a glimpse into your day, transporing the reader along the route from locale to locale. If not this, maybe even a drawing or something un-sports-related at the end of the post as a reward?


Dan said...

That's fair. Definitely. I guess I was thinking the comical photos of the fluorescent uniforms and the link about the jersey fonts would carry me through the post. I see now that I should have included an anecdote from the weekend that was nonsportscentric. I'm just obsessed with the Cup right now. I'll include some other material in my next sports post.

Duffless said...

I think you were just given a red card!

Dan said...

I'm going to have to sit out the next post.

Duffless said...

Ha ha, btw, during the Us v. Italy game I won all my table bets, brining home a wopping(no pun intended) 3 dollars!

Dan said...

nicely done. you called the red cards? Spain won today keeping my 16 to 1 hopes alive.