Monday, November 07, 2005

Daniel Nolan - Chicago Portrait Painter

Long time fans of this blog and my "work" in general, will be aware of the fact that my name is Daniel Nolan, I am from Chicago originally, and I am a portrait painter. Surely the only member of that particular subset of existence, no?

No. Turns out there's another Daniel Nolan Toddlin' Town Artist out there. In the spirit of the betterment of all artists named Dan Nolan (or some variant thereof), you'd think I would try to foster some sort of positive communication with this new fella. Again, no. I am organizing a posse to drive out to State Street That Great Street to kick some ass East Coast Style. That bitch is going down.

Speaking of the real Dan Nolan, Artist, (me), I had my audition for the Cambridge Community Television Art Showdown gameshow yesterday. I think it went pretty well. Though I showed up to the wrong place at first and the very nice new age digital-organic fusion raver philosopher kid on acid assured me that someone would eventually be by the gallery for the audition while he guided me through the interactive exhibit and fed me coffee and theory. An hour later someone else came by and told me I was supposed to be next door. So my state of mind may have been a bit off. Especially since the gallery and the studio are across the street from an Irish pub that was showing the Steelers game.


Brian said...

I always knew that was going to get undermined sometime. Now you got a doppelganger up in your shiznit? Bring tha ruckus!

Dan said...

He gon git the smackdown til he backdown!

Anonymous said...

His works look like like the imagined portraits of that famous artist/movie monster, the Predator.

"Predator Vs. Dan Nolan" perhaps?


"Predator III: the Portraits"


Dan said...

I think the Governator is wishing he was facing off against some alien ass right now instead of the Caleefourneea Girlie Man Electorate.