Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Update on the Dan Nolan artist war situation: I just received a threat via my website contact me link from another Dan Nolan who was none-too-pleased that I had the domain name wrapped up. He opines:

"my name is Dan Nolan and I am a graphic designer. How much will you sellme
your domain name for? I will sue you for using my name. write back soon

Dan Nolan"

Bitch, I will smack you. You ain't ready for it. The Lake Michigan Massacre is still in the planning stages, so I don't think it's him. This alleged Dan Nolan writes from Djdhollinshead@aol.com, which googles to this. So, I'm not that worried about it.


Seanie Boy said...

What kinda photographs does Mr. Sue You For Using Your Own Name have?

He's just bitchy 'cause his Sims University game doesn't work.

It could be worse!

Dan said...

Homeboy learned about the Tang Soo Do's and Don'ts real quick:

"Hi, I do apologise my drunk friend was using my computer last night and I didnt realise he was using my email address. His name is dan nolan and he is from essex, UK - and a bit of a twat when he's drunk. The art work looks good though.

lc said...

i can't believe he says that this fake dan nolan is a twat when he's drunk. did he ever get kicked out of a sporting event for giving the dance cam the finger? C'mon. only the real dan nolan knows how to be a twat when he's drunk.

Dan said...

hey! I resemble that remark.