Thursday, January 19, 2006

Creature Misteriose

Odd Stuff: We begin this week's Hot Topics Roundup with a look at something ... well I guess the name says it all: Creature Misteriose. This is why I love Google Image searches. I was looking for an image of Alito from the Senate Hearings and I came across this beauty. I swear. Try it yourself. Google "alito" and click the Images button. Now I don't speaka the i taliano, but I do makeita nice. because I'm so skinny. I should eat something. But seriously, all Italian stereotypes aside, I'm betting that our boy Giancarlo Magalli still lives with his parents ... as them I-Tals are wont to do!! ...

Music: I think "indie rock" has officially gone the way of "alternative rock". Earlier this week, "Love Monkey", a singles drama about hipsters learning about love in the music industry, debuted. Starring Jason Priestly. And tonight I saw Seth Green's new sitcom, in which a girl asked him if he wanted to check out an "underground band", "The Arcade Fire". So gratuitous. So so gratuitous (see VTK gratuitous reference). They're still a great band ... I guess.

Employment Update: Sheesh, it ain't easy losing your job. I got the official letter from the Fido, detailing the timeline. The Open House, where I have to not get a job, is on my birthday. Naturally. I'm entering the Jesus year with a con job. Got. to. love it. Also, it's not the high school community center walk around and look at different booths deal. I actually have to apply for a couple jobs and go to interviews at the Open House. This is where it gets tricky. So I've drawn up an elaborate personal employment mission statement to cover my ass, I've prepared a blase resume, and I'm applying to two jobs that I really don't think (and really hope I don't) have any shot at. I haven't decided whether to shave or not. Oh, and the stakes just got a little higher. If I can manage to not get a job, I'm officially transitioned into an internal/external search period for 60 days, and if I haven't found a job at the end of it, then I get the severance package. keyword: "external". If I play this right, I essentially have two months of not coming into work, before the official 10 week package kicks in. It's like playing chess, when you've got the checkmate all lined up, you just have to be careful not to let them get the stalemate (another hubris moment?).

Spahts: It's all about the Steelers right now. And until I see a Bronco's site to rival this one, it looks like the babies and puppies are rooting for the Steelers too (with thanks to Deadspin and kdka for the link). The AFC Championship game is on Sunday afternoon and, with the Pats and the Colts out of the way, I think they've got a good shot to get to the Super Bowl. Babies and puppies, people!!

[UPDATE: Now the Creature Misteriose picture is not appearing when I google image "alito". This is misteriose indeed. Could this have something to do with our police state government's attempt to subpoena Google's search records and their refusal to comply? Is Gonzales trying to cover up the truth about Creature Misteriose? Or does it only appear on Macs? Mac/Windows users - check it out for me please. Unless you're chicken. Which is cool. I understand.]


Brian said...

Make sure to add all of these...

25 words that hurt your resume

Dan said...

Without those words, my resume reads something like this:

Dan Nolan
Whole Foods
Peoples Market