Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Super Week

Welcome to Super Week, the sports world's 7 day answer to the entertainment industry's pre-awards-shows red carpet extravaganza. Today is Media Day, when all the players, coaches, and reporters perform media fellatio on eachother. Other things to keep an eye on this week, will be the Vegas odds on which player will be the first to get arrested for solicitation, possession, and/or who will freak out and take off for Tijuana. (Bengals wide receiver, Chris Henry, got arrested for pulling a gun on some club kids this weekend, but that doesn't count.) Also prepare to hear 7 or 8 thousand stories about how Jerome Bettis is originally from Detroit. There will be clever blog diaries by pop culture writers. And in depth analysis from Die Hard Steeler fans. "Terry Bradshaw rules!!!!!1!!" For the host town's perspective, check in with DetroitWonk. And of course, there's always my favorite sports blog and source of most of my sports links: Deadspin. Check Deadspin's latest post, which gives us a peek into the life of Steelers QB, Big Ben Roethlisberger:

Settle down, Ben "Drink Like A Champion Today" Roethlisberger. Big game coming up this week.

postscript - without question, the most irritating development in sports is every player's insistence on their having been disrespected. This is hardly an original observation, but it is annoying enough that it warrants repeating. It's also not exactly new; it's probably as old as the need to motivate oneself and one's team for competition. But nowadays, it's like every single player on every team is claiming disrespect. Is there not a single player we respect? Not even Tom Brady? Anyways, nothing new here, I'm just sorry to hear my Steelers doing the same thing all day today. Just so you know, fellas, everyone is picking you. Everyone. So spare us.

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