Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Diamond Dave, Douchebag

In keeping with the Van Halen references, I give you the latest dish on that daft douchebag, Diamond Dave, David Lee Roth. Gawker directs us to the Lowdown from The Daily News, where they report on the *rocky* start to Davey's Radio Show. Stern may be an ass, but at least the man cares about his craft. This jerk's just trying to get fired so he can collect unemployment ...

*cricket chirping*

*tumbleweed rolling by*

*cricket catching a ride on tumbleweed out of awkwardtown*

... speeeeeaking of which, I'm pretty sure I successfully tanked my first go-through-the-motions job interview today. It was very strange to try to pretend that you're in a serious interview and at the same time deliberately sabotage yourself. There was a funny moment when the woman was beating around the bush about how I was in no way qualified to get the job and get paid this much money and I was beating around the bush about how I in no way was interested in her giving me the job and then I think she got it and we smiled and had a very cordial goodbye. One more interview tomorrow - scratch that - later today. If I can successfully not get that job, then it should be smooth sailing. What a way to spend your birthday though - at a job fair, trying not to get a job. Fortunately, we'll be washing that taste out of my mouth with some cheap beer and live music tonight at the Abbey Lounge to rock the Jesus/Larry Bird year in right. Any of you Von Trapper Keepers in the area, please stop by.

Farewell, Led Zeppelin Babe I'm Going To Leave You year (32 babe or babe derivatives in the song). You were good to me. I hope I was good to you.


Dewy said...

Larry Joe Bird turned the Larry Bird Year during the 1989/90 season. He played only 6 games during the 1988/89 season due to surgery to remove bone spurs in his heels. In his return Larry shot .473 from the floor and averaged 24.3 points per game, playing 75 games. So I guess what I'm saying is may your Larry Bird Year be as good as Larry Bird's Larry Bird Year.

Dan said...

.473 would put him 26 positions ahead of Kobe Bryant in this year's field goal percentage rankings. And Kobe never had bone spurs.

Wait, did I just try to compare Bird to Kobe? Ridiculous.

and thanks.