Saturday, January 28, 2006

No Mo MoJo

To be filed under both another Central Square (ish) institution bites the dust and another used record store bites the dust: MoJo Music on Mass Ave is apparently going out of business. It's sad to see the character drain out of a neighborhood like Central Square and the surrounding area. In the last 5 years, chains such as The Gap, Walgreens, 7-11, Super Cuts, Foot Locker, and Boston Sports Club have moved into prominent properties on Mass Ave. Ack. It's also sad to see used record stores, true nuggets of our culture, disappear. As online transactions and digital music storage become the norm, stores like Mojo Music are going to continue to close. Now, I would hardly describe myself as a regular customer (I only go in a handful of times a year), but I love the fact that MoJo exists and I love walking by it every day. And I'm not looking forward to the Sunglasses Hut that's probably going to replace it. Any of you VTK readers in the Boston area should pop in there and buy some 1/2 priced music. I just picked up 3 cds for $13: Meet John Doe, Screaming Fields of Sonic Love by Sonic Youth, and Music For Airports by Brian Eno. Listening to the John Doe right now. Fond memories of the Butter Pub back in the Northampton days (or daze).

In other music news, Jazzy McGee continues to do his thing upstairs. Fucking asshole. Yesterday, the bass fired up at 7:45 AM. Granted, I was lying in bed, hitting my snooze button longer than I should have been and I needed to get up, but fuck you McGee. I was really fired up about it all day yesterday. I was planning on going to war. This morning I was actually standing in the hardware store looking at shelf supports so that I could construct a shelf right underneath my ceiling on which I was going to place a sub woofer to be used in focused sonic attacks on this asshole. But then I had a minor moment of clarity and realized that I was about to take a major step into negativity. and the last thing I need is more negativity. I would be allowing him to transform my music into a weapon. So, fuck it. It's not a war I could win anyways. He'll get his some day (I'm probably getting mine right now for my noisy youth).

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