Sunday, January 15, 2006


As "albo" just commented on the Deadspin post about the Steelers' amazing playoff victory over the Colts: "If god's not a steelers fan, then how come urine is yellow?" I haven't gone from celebration to despair to celebration to despair to celebration that much since Dick Cheney's last heart attack! ... yeah, I don't know. In honor of the Steelers' big win, I'm going to break out a poem I wrote in 7th grade:

Sunday by Danny Nolan

Sunday is Black & Blue because that’s when the pros play football.
And when the players go out to play, all the fans just shout hooray!
And when the final is not decided, and all the teams have just
Collided, Len Berman says who has won and we will see who’s number
One. And all the men that got the bruises are on the team that surely loses.

And to Mike Vanderjagt who missed the game tying field goal: couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole. Go to hell, screwbag.

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