Tuesday, January 03, 2006

two thou six

Happy New Year, Von Trapper Keepsakers. I rang the new one in with traditional gusto and panache: Random girl informs me it’s 3 minutes to midnight, she gives me a kiss on the cheek shortly after midnight, minutes later I make a move for a proper kiss, she yanks her head back and says she was just wishing me happy new year, I apologize, say happy new year, retreat to the bar, and proceed to pretend like it didn’t happen and ignore her, until my friends later tap me on the shoulder to unwittingly introduce me to the girl that had just shot me down. Ah yes. 2006. Best year ever!

Tight game in the Orange Bowl right now between Florida State and Penn State. One of my brushes with greatness happened in 2000 when I cooked breakfast for Penn State legendary coach Joe Paterno and Jake of Body by Jake fame. He (Joe Pa) declined to give his waiter an autograph for me. Asshole. And now he’s back in Florida. Cut em down, ‘Noles!

I checked out Screenhead’s yearly wrap-up. They couldn’t narrow it down to a Top Ten so they listed their top 70 pieces of the year. I went through about half of them, about half of those didn’t load, half of the remaining took forever to load, and half that did load quickly weren’t that funny. But I thought these 3 were worth a look:

The Cat That Had Hands from Zed Gallery.
The US of A According to my Racist Aunt from Tremble.com
• And a particularly relevant one for me: Robin’s Big Date (featuring Sam Rockwell as one of the major players) from Red-headed League

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