Friday, May 30, 2008



If you're a Lost watcher and haven't watched the season finale, stop reading now. You can watch it on And here's a gratuitous shot of Kate on the beach:


What did you think? The portal to the ice cave? Sun joining forces with Widmore? How did Jin survive the crash? What happened to the people left on the island ("it's not your fault" Jack)? Jack's dad and Claire are like angels now or something? Besides the Others who was left on the island: Sawyer, Doctor lady, psychic asian dude, redhead, Bernard and his wife? So the next season is going to be all about Jack trying to convince them to go back to the island with Ben's assistance? Jack and Sayid want to go, Hurley's a wild card, Kate (and Aaron) and Sun don't want to go? Or Sun will go as a spy for Widmore? What the hell is Jin doing now?

Not as mind blowing as the last couple season finales, but pretty good TV. Still not any closer to a satisfying explanation for everything. I'm starting to think there isn't going to be a satisfying conclusion. Are there two or three more seasons.


Dan said...

Also, I didn't rewatch last week's episode which they were replaying at 8 last night with extended footage or something. Did I miss anything?

Duffless said...

I thought we'd get some Charlie last night. I'm just glad they seem to be moving the plot along at a decent enough clip, unlike in the past where there would be whole episodes where no plot advanced. My fav part is when the guy was loading the small boat for the final trip out to the freighter, there were bunch of random island assholes getting on...its kinda like Star is it that there are all these random people living on the island that we never see.

KB said...

I loved last night's episode! The moving the island scene was a bit "Dr Whoish" - there was another episode when the sky went completely white but I can't remember when that happened. Does that mean this maybe the 2nd time they moved the island? Also, what's up with Jacob? I want more Jacob!

Did anyone catch the fake commercial for Octagon Global Recruiting? If you did, go to to see it and sign up for messages from the Dharma Iniative. I know it's dorky but I really love the fake commercials / web tie-ins with Lost.

I also like the hint that maybe Sawyer and Juliet could hook up.


Dan said...

duffless - yeah, that was classic with the random losties. it always cracks me up when they need to populate migration scenes with the no name losers.

KB - the other time the sky went white was when Desmond hit the emergency button on the hatch and the island had that massive electromagnetic reboot (or whatever that was) at the end of season one. But Desmond didn't have to leave the island like Ben did, so that wasn't "moving it".

Sawyer and Juliet are DEFINITELY hooking up. Sawyer's a slut. he was angling on Claire before she became one of Jacob's Angels.

I was sure that the "moving" of the island was going to be moving it back in time or some other time related shift, as opposed to a physical relocation. They could do pretty much anything at this point and it wouldn't surprise me. That's my concern - that they've lost the ability to shock the viewer, like they did with the flash forward thing last year. Locke's in the coffin? that's the big surprise? I was thinking it was Ben, but once he showed up, I figured it was Locke because who else would be so unloved as to have no one show up at his funeral and to have Kate say "why would I go to his funeral" and still compel Jack to go see his body. big deal. He's still going to be in the show through all the island scenes next year. with all this time shit going on, it's not even a big deal if someone dies in the future. Though it is interesting to question who killed him. It was a "suicide". Sun?

Joel said...

Any thoughts on the NBA finals?

Dan said...

tomorrow. Today's a day to reflect on how awesome it is that Obama is the Democratic Party's nominee.

Fuck Whitey!