Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sorry, non-sports-fan-vtkids. The Celtics are in the playoffs with their best chance of doing something in 20 years; there might be a few extra basketball posts this year.

For those of you sports-fan-vtkids who don't always read the comments section, I just wanted to share this:

Great game from Rondo last night. Maybe all the Rondo critics (Doug Collins, LeBron, Doc Rivers, The Media) will shut the fuck up now about him being an offensive liability. He shot 49% from the field this year. Great point guard career FG percentages:

Cousy = 38%
Isiah = 45%
Jackson = 45%
Stockton = 52%
Magic = 47%
Tiny = 47%

Sam Cassell = 45%
Doc Rivers = 44%

For this team, I'll take Rondo, thank you very much. Critics, stop reading the 2007 preseason scouting report.


Joel said...

I must say that I had my doubts before this season if Rondo could be the PG on this team but after the first 20 games he changed my opinion in a big way.
Having Ray,KG and Paul to mentor his development this season has been huge.

Dan said...


Michael5000 said...

If I was a big sports star and got my choice of nickname, I'd definitely pick "Magic" before "Tiny."

Dan said...

I don't think they usually get their choice, but I do believe that Glen "Big Baby" Davis chose that nickname. Could be wrong. He embraces it anyway.

fuge said...

A cab driver in Las Vegas gave me the nickname Big Bobby Dollar....

That's ALMOST Big Baby.

He's a way better dancer though.

Also, Why is Eddie House getting NO minutes?

Doc may win a championship and still get fired.

Dan said...

"Big Bobby Dollar" - that's not bad. Oh, if only we could choose our own nicknames (or promote those that we preferred).

And Gabe Pruitt!! Where the hell is Gabe Pruitt??