Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Boston Celtics,

Dear Boston Celtics,




Dewy24 said...


fuge said...

They really took a dump in the 4th quarter...Quick Unnecessary 3's. An unwillingness to post up by KG, Missed Layups and FreeThrows.

It was f'n Anarchy out there.

Kevin said...

They could still win the championship without winning a road game.

Dan said...

12 points in the 4th quarter and zero from KG and Ray?

6 minutes in the game for Leon Powe?

They could win a championship without a road win, but they won't. Detroit, LA, or San Antonio will all be capable of stealing one on the road.

Doc Rivers sucks.

Dan said...

My favorite part of the playoffs so far? Chris Paul. I remember watching him in the NCAA Tournament when he was with Wake Forest and being impressed, but I really haven't seen him that much in the NBA. A few games here and there. Holy shit is this guy good. So quick. So smart. He's so good at working his way around defenses that I consistently think that the fix is in and the other team has been paid to relax their defense on him. It's like they're in slow motion compared to him. Obviously this is not the case. But Jesus, he's good. Much better than Deron Williams, who is very good. He's the best point guard in the NBA by a mile right now, since Nash is beginning his decline.

Dan said...

Good article by the Sports Guy today expressing everyone's frustration with Doc's "strategy". Why in the hell would you completely change the way you play, the way that won you 66 games in the regular season, because it's the postseason? Someone should kidnap him before the game so Thibs can coach the C's properly.

Boston Celtics said...

Sorry, dan. We'll try harder.

Dan said...

Please, see that you do. A lot of us have a lot invested in it.

Great games from Rondo, KG, and the Truth last night, and quality minutes from Big Baby. Atta boys. Maybe all the Rondo critics (Doug Collins, LeBron, Doc Rivers, The Media) will shut the fuck up now about him being an offensive liability. He shot 49% from the field this year! Great point guard career FG percentages:

Cousy = 38%
Isiah = 45%
Jackson = 45%
Stockton = 52%
Magic = 47%
Tiny = 47%

Sam Cassell = 45%
Doc Rivers = 44%

I'll take Rondo, thank you very much.