Thursday, May 29, 2008

Monkey Controls Robot Arm With Its Thoughts

I don't have much time for a proper post right now because I'm holed up in the Four Seasons in Philadelphia working on an emergency commission of former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter. However, this news demands immediate mention, no matter how brief. After all, when I started this blog, there were five subjects I hoped to cover on a semi-regular basis: sports, politics, arts, humorous stories, and the ongoing quest to allow monkeys to control robot arms with their thoughts. Because, really, what's more important than developing the technology to facilitate monkeys to operate robots with their minds. Because there are millions of quadriplegic monkeys out there that we could be strapping into a stomach area cockpit of robots and sending to work. No longer will these poor limb challenged monkeys be relegated to hors d'oeuvres status (tasty monkey brains!!). Now they will be able to serve their countries proudly in the global war on terror (their = ours). Those stupid cave dwelling terrorists don't stand a chance against our super monkey-thought-controlled robot armies. The monkeys can also be used as nannies during peace time. This is going to be great.

oops, wrong video. Here's the right one.

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