Wednesday, June 04, 2008



Hillary for VP? I say no. Discuss.


Dewy24 said...

No for a few reasons.

1.Most importantly she has been doing a better job than McCain at decreasing Obama's chances at winning the general election and that has probably pissed him off.

2. Most rational Clinton supporters will eventually come around when they realize sitting the election out will elect a guy that could nominate the supreme court judge that overturns Roe v. Wade.

3. Nominees rarely pick the person who came in second as a running mate. Not Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford or Nixon.

4. Hillary is still despised by the right and any gain Obama gets from choosing her will be offset by a more motivated republican base next fall. If Obama wants to gain the low income, white voters that Clinton won in the primary and neutralize the "he's not American enough" crap he'll face in the fall, he should choose Jim Webb.

Dan said...

1. I'm certain he's pissed at the way she's run her campaign, but that may not be enough to overrule any advantage to picking her - he'd have to hold his breath and do it. (though I agree that there is more downside to upside overall).

2. agreed.

3. wasn't Bush running second to Reagan?

4. agreed. Picking up VA would be huge too. I wish Claire McCaskill had foreign policy experience or something. She's been in his camp all along, is a white woman, and would give him a good shot at Mizzou.

I think if he picks her it's going to be a sign of weakness - that he's giving in to her holding his campaign hostage with the way in which she handles the next several months. It would be a nightmare for his campaign to have to rein in Billary constantly.

Paul said...

Given these results, I'd like to see Senator Clinton bring her national credibility and legislative force to the floor in support of an Obama White House.

Joel said...

Do you think think Obama is a Celts fan?

Dan said...

Paul - do you mean the floor of the Senate or the floor of the Vice President's office?

Joel - that's a good question. I know he's a West Ham fan. You'd think he'd have to weigh in on the Finals, since basketball is his sport. He's probably a lock to win both MA and CA, so it shouldn't matter too much politically who he supports. He'll probably cop out and say that since he was a Bulls fan, he can't root for either team, but looks forward to a great series. Finals post forthcoming ...

Paul said...

@ Dan: I mean the floor of the United States Senate. I think that's where she can deliver the most value now. I support the Hillary. I am disappointed with the overall conduct of her campaign, although through it she did exhibit some of the qualities that I still believe would make her a good POTUS. But it's done. She's not doing anyone any favors with her wrap-up, however; not even herself.

Dan said...

Putting her official concession off until Saturday is petty bullshit.