Monday, June 16, 2008

game five

I've had enough of the "KG changed the culture of Boston basketball" talk. I need KG to change the score of Boston basketball. With starting center and bruiser Perk out of the game, KG submitted a 5 foul, 33 minute, 4 turnover, 0 assist, 13 point effort. Nice 14 boards, but that's not going to cut it at this stage, Big Ticket. You need to impose yourself on the game. And get some sleep. Please, get some sleep.

Team stats were pretty even across the board. Lakers win at home. Was the Kobe steal (that prevented a possible tie game and turned it into a 4 pt lead) a foul? maybe. But you can't count on that at this stage in the season, all star on all star. And if you're a C's fan, you'd rather have them letting the boys play. Though, I'd rather have them let them play with Big Perk on the court.

Very disappointing loss, but at the beginning of the Finals, my hope was to win 2 at home, steal one on the road, and then head back home with two shots to win. I'm still optimistic. Not overly confident, but optimistic. That was LA's most complete game. And again, we were close to stealing it. If the Celtics play a complete game at home - forget it. We win. We'll see if they can do it.

sidenote: answer to the Tony Allen question: nice sub. Shut a hot hand Kobe down, stole a few buckets. Did his job.


Dan said...

sidenote 2: in the ongoing Vujabitch saga, how hilarious was it when 38 year old Sam Cassell tossed him on the ground and got a jump ball out of it? Nice 2 for 10 game, bitch.

Brian said...

Here's my concern for game 6: Pierce. His only bad game all series was following a travel day. Without Perk, the Allen/Pierce/And You Too KG! all need to close this out.

But as Bob Ryan noted, after 3 games in LA, the lakers don't have anything to hang their hat on. All around poor game 3. Historical collapse in game 4, and game 5 they blew 19 and 14 pt leads in a game that could have gone either way. Not exactly how you need to play when your back's against the wall, at home.

Dewy24 said...

After wanting Van Gundy and Mark Jackson to shut up the entire game I was surprised when they both made insightful comments at the end of the game saying that the Lakers could not feel too good about the win. They both said the Lakers essentially won because KG missed both free throws with 2:30-ish left and a chance to tie and Kobe's foul on Pierce in the steal. Lakers never had control of that game and it took a lot of poor execution for the C's to lose. Pierce got so few calls while being hacked going to the hoop and I don't expect that to continue in Boston. One thing I hope David Stern discusses with the refs is that it is impossible to call traveling if a player is dribbling the ball like Pierce was in the first quarter. It was by no means an important call but it destroys the credibility of the refs when they make such retarded calls.

Vujabitch is trying to import Euro style soccer diving to the NBA with mixed results.

Dan said...

Also, not a great game by Ray Allen - 4 of 13 and fouled out. And I'm concerned about him leaving the Arena immediately after the game with some sort of family health emergency of one of his kids. Hope everything's alright.

Also.2, How does Leon Powe earn "the worst" honors on espn's daily dime? Doc only kept him in the game for 5 minutes. Can't do anything from the bench.

Bob Ryan, and the ABC announcers are right about the Lakers shouldn't feel too good about this, but that's not putting my mind at ease. They're playing with nothing to lose now and the Celtics are physically hanging by a thread. And KG isn't sleeping nights.

I can't agree with the "pierce got so few calls" assessment. He got to the line 18 or 20 times or something. I remember noting that he was getting some calls, stupid travel call notwithstanding. Traveling's a joke in the NBA. You can take 4 steps on a layup but whatever the fuck they were calling last night is a travel? joke.

seems like the biggest divers are always from soccer playing nations.

Dan said...

As for the Pierce travel issue, there might be something to that. I remember when David Beckham was traveling injured between LA and London for qualifying matches, a big deal was made of the effect of flying on the injuries. I don't know what the science of that theory is, but if it's valid, the flight from LA to Boston can't be too good for his knee (or the myriad of other Celtics' injuries).