Monday, June 09, 2008

game two

First of all, the Celtics are up 2-0. Second of all, the Celtics are up 2-0. Third through tenth of all, the Celtics are up 2-0. That was a pretty shocking collapse and lack of focus in the 4th quarter, but when the other team lets you get up by 24 points in the 4th quarter, you can get away with that. Point being: that was an aberrant stretch and when they got themselves together, they got the game in hand. Fuck Phil, fuck Kobe, and fuck the LA nonchalance in explaining away these two games. Punch em in the mouths in LA, fellas. Aside from that stretch when they stopped paying attention (and they need to stop that), the Celtics dominated. They'll get a few less calls in LA, but if they play their game, they can get at least one in LA.

As far as Leon goes, the only people who are surprised by this performance are people who just started watching the Celtics in the playoffs. At the risk of repeating myself: this was a 20-10 guy in the Pac 10 (both league highs), and he's been doing it in the minutes that he's gotten in the NBA for 2 solid years. Attaboy, Leon. Attaboy, Rondo (16 assists - the most in an NBA Final game since Magic in 91). Attaboy Paul. And attaboy Ray for getting in that asshole's head.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree, the main thing is to get the win and and head out to LA up 2-0. The only thing surprising about Powe's performance is why he hasn't had more minutes in the playoffs so far. He was the first guy off the bench for the Celtics for a lot of the season and then once they got to the playoffs it seems Doc kind of forgot about him. Great to see him doing it on the big stage. How many Tommy points do you think he got last night?

-- John

Dewy24 said...

It was a scary comeback by the Lakers but they chucked 12 3-pointers in the 4th and 7 went in. 9 out of 10 times you will not hit over 50% of your threes. It was a desperation move that rarely works out in your favor. Phil Jackson should be more concern with serious size mismatches and an under-performing bench than perceived bad officiating.

Dan. Even you had to love Schilling sitting right next to the Laker bench in a vintage Bird jersey.

Dan said...

It's almost better that they go out there with this 4th quarter's taste in their mouth instead of pushing the lead up to 30 and getting cocky and complacent, while the Lakers egos got humiliated and angry. Let sleeping dogs lie, then give the dog a bone, then leave the dog in the car with the windows rolled up during a ... wait, this metaphor mixing is going in the wrong direction. VTK is an animal friendly zone. But fuck the Lakers.

I think there were tons of Tommy points handed out last night. Powe got plenty, Rondo got plenty, and Pierce and Posey got family sized Tommy points for that epic block and loose ball recovery sequence.

If you're Phil Jackson and you're honest with yourself, and you come back to earth with your estimation of the refereeing disparity, and you recognize that that run was more the result of a lack of focus by the C's than any great offensive strategy on your part, you're worried. Phil's no dummy - I think he's worried. I think Kobe is too and I hope that manifests itself in the kind of self-destructive selfishness and pettiness that has marked the last 4 years of his career before an apparent 180 from that attitude this year.

I won't dignify that last comment with a response. Let's keep it about the Celtics here. C'mon.