Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Sunday (not tuesday) Prediction

Pats. Pats are going to win. Come on.

But if you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to the three most qualified people on ESPN's celebrity picks list (they've certainly lived through enough Super Bowls):

MAMIE VAN DOREN - Legendary sex symbol

Patriots, 28-7. The New England Patriots are a cross between a symphony orchestra and a steam roller. Every player plays his part as they flatten their opponents.


Patriots, 30-10. A rout. I love routs.

- "Batman"

Patriots by 7 to 10 points. If Brady keeps his foot out of the mousetrap, he'll be able to pick apart the Giants' secondary.

Incidentally, even in my broke state, I'd probably pay upwards of $600 to have dinner with the three of them in a roundtable format where I get their opinions on an assortment of VTK relevant topics. They'd probably go for it. $200 a pop plus I pick up the dinner tab, which considering I doubt they have teeth won't be too high. Though the cocktail tab might be hefty - all three strike me as martini drinkers. So that's like $400 for dinner and drinks. And the roundtrip ticket to LA where I'm sure they all live. What's that? $500? No hotel. Either BrianinLA will put me up or I'll sleep on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. That's $1500. If the VTK Community can raise that money, I'll make it happen. That's a fact, jack. Please submit your donation amounts and any questions you'd like me to ask them.

Go Pats! Or Giants. Whatever. I'm honestly more concerned about West Ham's away match at Wigan tomorrow. Classic trap game.


Duffless said...

Mamie Van Doren is still alive? Who knew!

Dan said...

Who does know? Not me. It would appear so, unless her estate is making her predictions now. I just thought it was funny that someone named Mamie had a rack like that. Which came first - the name or the knockers?

KB said...

Ok - so I'm reading my daily dose of VTK and I'm intrigued by Mamie Van Doren so of course, I google her...which brings me to her website and I'm clicking around on her site marveling at Mamie in her 76 year old splendor and I click on "Bedtime Stories" which is her graphic account of her sexual escapades with hollywood stars. For example: Mamie and Jack Palance: "Though Jack is a big man, he handled me gently, like I was a china doll. He kissed fabulously. As we made love, he was tender and strong at all the right times. I watched the raindrops trickle down the windshield as we climaxed together."

I've finally recovered from 2girls1cup and now this! Come on VTK you're killing me.

marshall said...

But Dolph Lundgren is on that same ESPN list, picking the Giants 21-13!

After your weekend misadventures, are you gonna take that, Rocky?

Joel said...

I want to have dinner with Mamie Van Doren too!

Nice rack for a bitty!


Dan said...

kb - 2girls1cup? I don't think you can blame VTK for that one. Maybe you saw it through one of the links, but VTKinc. is not responsible for their content.

Marshall - ah, the apparent wisdom of Dolph. He was pretty close on that score.

Joel - I guess you might say that she's a celebitty.

I still can't believe the Pats blew this game. Gotta give credit to the Giants' D and to Eli. What an upset. I do believe they shocked the world! The real tragedy is that we were 1 minute away from consigning Don Shula and Mercury Morris to total irrelevance, but now we will likely have to listen to them forever. That's devastating. Even to Giants fans. For them, this surely must be considered a pyrrhic victory on that account.