Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fitchburg Calling

Come out of the cupboards, you boys and girls, and come down to Inman Square's own Abbey Lounge tonight for some rock and roll. Longtime VTK reader and friend, N-Lo, will be busting out his battle axe for his recently reunited band, lump. lump was originally formed back when the boys were raising grungy hell at Fitchburg State College in the late 80s or early 90s or something. Once described as "husker du on diet pills", a comparison to Bob Mould's more poppish band Sugar might be more appropriate. So Sugar on diet pills. Or metamucil more like it. I kid. Listen here and you decide.

Come on by tonight around 11:30. They're all good lads. Except for the one with the yellowy eyes.


Michael5000 said...

Well, OK, "Husker Du on diet pills" is kind of fair. But it's also an insult you could be seriously proud of. And the stuff on their MySpace is pretty slick.

I don't think I'm going to make it to the Abbey Lounge tonight, though. It's probably on the East Coast or somewhat.

Dan said...

proud of indeed. I was a big Husker Du and Sugar fan. I even bought a few of Bob's solo stuff into the late 90's, but I must admit that I haven't bought any of his stuff in the last several years or so. I wonder how he's progressed. No one sprayed guitar like Husker Du.

Good show. It was actually their first in about 15 years or so, I think. Naturally, it took a song or two to clear out the cobwebs, but once they hit their groove, they rocked the joint (and the Abbey is that). My ears are totally blown right now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments Dan! It was indeed a Pedro Martinez-esque outing, as we started out way anxious and nervous but then settled down once we got to the 3rd.

After shaking the rust off, I woke up wanting to play again tonight. By noon, the pain in my left shoulder and arm quelled that desire.

Thanks for coming out! Next time we'll be better and probably slightly drunk!