Wednesday, March 15, 2006 v 1.2

Thanks to my wicked super kick ass web guy and friend NJ, the new and improved version of the website is up. I couldn't figure out how to get a screenshot on the Mac, but click on any window to get a look at the new layouts, which show all the thumbnails of each sub-group. Also, there are a couple new additions to the Recent Work gallery and a few of the commissions from the last year added into that gallery. Now that I have the new site mostly up, I've started making a few inquiries into galleries for the Pan-Mass Gallery Tour - P-Town to Pittsfield - idea. No response yet. Oh, how I do hate the Art World.

What I have gotten response on is the recent publication of the news that my apartment is officially up for grabs as of May 1! That's right, Jazzy McGee - so long, sucka! Sean had a room opening up back in the 86 Norfunk Complex and I jumped on it. I talked to the landlord about breaking the lease and they're cool with it provided we get someone to move in on May 1st. I faxed them the official Break The Lease form and they had a potential renter calling me within the 1/2 hour. I threw something up on Craigslist and got an email within the hour. I don't think it's going to be a problem moving this place. Unless Jazzy decides to pipe up while I'm showing the apartment. which I'm sure he will. because he's an asshole. an asshole I may very well be through with soon.

March Madness starts tomorrow. I've got Syracuse, Gonzaga, UConn, and Villanova in the Final Four, with UConn beating the Zags in the Championship Game.

[update: I've shown the apt 3 times in the last 24 hours - all very nice people who I truly pity because they're going to be moving in underneath the # 1 asshole of all time. Jazzy McFuckingassholedouchebagpieceofshit wasn't playing his music for the first two, but just fucking jacked it up and started stomping his foot to the beat when I was showing to this last guy who actually seemed like he was cool with the noise from the bar and the street and then said " ... so there is some noise that bleeds through from the other apartments, huh?" Number one ranked asshole of all time. Number one. If he keeps this up, no one's going to rent the place. Maybe I'll cut his electricity and pump some sleeping gas into his apartment when I need to show the place.]


Brian said...

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Dan said...

excellent. I'll read this more thoroughly when I'm not hammered and reeling from the fact that I nearly lost two of my Final Four and did lose one on the first day of tournament play. brutal. at least I won $10 off the 'tronic on the UW-Milwaukee pick. oh and I'm blinded by rage over my upstairs neighbor. really. it's full blown rage at this point.

go zags.