Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Wrap (one day late)

Sad, Lonely Earplugs: again at the considerable risk of jinxing myself, I'm happy to report that I have not heard a peep from the McGee for close to six days now. This is crazy. Is it possible he's gone? No, no. Bite your tongue, VTK. Do not allow yourself such thoughts. He's lurking out there somewhere. I was struck by a truly horrific thought earlier today: what if he moved out and moved into the apartment I'm moving into next month. Oh the horror. the horror. I believe I would crumble to the ground and sob if that happened.

Damn you, Roberts: I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to spend the better part of the next 30 years reminding myself why I reluctantly supported the nomination of Chief Justice Roberts, trying to justify it to myself, the way I justify my 2000 support for Nader. Not that my qualified support of Roberts had any impact on his nomination or confirmation (not that my Nader vote in Massachusetts had any impact on that election). But after reading articles like this from last week's NY Times, a little reminder is in order: he's a parallel swap with Rehnquist, he's an intelligent, analytical man rather than a wingnut, his expressed respect for stare decisis suggests that he doesn't have an agenda to overturn Roe v Wade, and we're saving the filibuster to block the conservative nominee that Bush will put up to replace O'Connor. What's that? We didn't even use the filibuster on the conservative nominee. ... crap.

Dude v Cart: still working on fine tuning the compression process, but the dvd's turned out pretty good. Oh did I forget to mention that the dvd also has a remix of Dude v Cart using discarded clips? It's hott. As I was saying, the compression thing is still being sorted out. The first attempt to create a quicktime file out of it, knocked it down from 3.5 GB to 7.5 MB, and sacrificed a fair amount of quality, especially in the way the aged film parts look. Nevertheless, the 7.5 MB version is now up and viewable on my youtube account. It's irritates the hell out of my perfectionist streak to see this version up there, but I suppose it does give a pretty good sense of it. Actually, I might be able to post it here. Let's try:

that worked. UPDATE: I also did a little experiment with the compression and managed to get a really good version at 175 MB. I'll try it again tomorrow to see if I can get one under 100 MB (which is the youtube limit). If that works, I'll compress the Remix, featuring never before seen footage.

Hemisphere: I was down in Sandwich for a day and change this weekend to help do some sanding and painting in Tracy and Eric's new restaurant. Looking good, kids.

Friday's the last day: well, at Fidelity anyways. 5 and 1/2 years is a long time.


Dewy24 said...

Here is my quote for the 'Dude v Cart' press kit. Feel free to use it:

"Dude v Cart is a brilliant post-materialist deconstruction of consumerism and the fetishization of goods and services. Such biting social criticism hasn't be seen since George Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead'. Although I don't understand why Greg Lloyd was cast as the lead. That makes no sense."


Dan said...

Greg Lloyd was cast to blow open the racial myths and stereotypes associated with most post-materialist deconstructionist examinations of consumerism and fetishization of goods and services. Greg Lloyd is a black man. And furthermore, he's a black belt. So you got the asian thing in there too. Which is risky since the dropkick, some would say, is such a prominent element of the movie and could be read as a shallow skim over martial arts stereotypes (though it's more of a nod to Jimmy Snuka - which is where the whole Samoan identity thing ties in). I mean, why is it wrong for a black tough guy football player to crawl back in the metaphorical womb, to seek to relive that long-since-abandoned amniotic sac of comfort provided by the uncritical day at the mall? Is that territory only navigatable by ironic intellectuals of the caucasian persuasion? Did you ever ask yourself that, why don't you ask yourself that?