Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Tale of Two Gumbels

In preparation for the upcoming March Madness, I give you the following short play about current CBS football pregame host, Greg Gumbel, and his brother, the former CBS Early Show host Bryant Gumbel - my impression of a childhood fight between Bryant and Greg:

B: You're hurting my feelings!
G: As you are mine, you pugnacious rapscallion!
B: You don't even know what 'pugnacious' means you flatulent flashcard!
G: I certainly do, but I shan't share shiny wisps of wisdom with truculent truants of allayed alliteration like yourself!
B: I'm telling!!!
G: No... please don't...

(originally posted in Children of a Lesser Gumbel forum; bryant pic courtesy of Danny Greene)


Shocked Reader said...

oh. I get television's Niles and Frazier only these guys are black...which makes it even more hilarious because black people don't talk like that? Funny..really freakin' funny VTK - what's next? a podcast from your next clan meeting?

Dan said...

If you're going to akkkuse me of being a racist, at least use your spell-check, you fukkking jakkkass.