Wednesday, April 05, 2006


ok, how about Lost? Anyone watching Lost? Please someone answer me because that schizophrenic solipsism episode I just watched is really fucking with my head.


Kristin said...

You watch LOST? I watch LOST!! IN fact, I LOVE Lost - why have we never talked about this? I really hope that all these plot twists lead us somewhere. I'm a bit scared that the writers will paint themselves into a corner and suddenly someone is going to wake up and the entire show will turn out to be an elaborate dream sequence.

Dan said...

Well, that seemed to be where they were going with that last episode which I'm still a little fucked up over. Also, why was Locke all freaking out about having the prisoner push the button when he had already seen it go all the way down to zero a few episodes ago and just didn't tell anyone? Is he in a state of hyper-repression or something? He represents faith and the belief that everything happens for a reason, so maybe it's a selective denial thing - denial of whatever doesn't fit with your world view. he's such a fucked up character. he's like an emotional masochist. he needs to have a father figure treating him like shit (his dad, then Jack). I think he's going to get into a big battle with Jack and take off with the prisoner dude and switch to the other side. Then when he finds Walt, he's going to snap out of it and bring him back to his father (who hasn't been in the show much). Those supplies dropping from the sky seems to support the theory that it's just a big experiment by the Dharma company or some government. They definitely have a lot of plot lines hanging out there. Like what happened to the polar bears? Or the other creature that was in the trees? They're not scared of that anymore? How about that spirit thing that came out of the ground and enveloped Locke and then went away? Are they planning on doing anything with that stuff? And Hurley's character change was so radical that it seemed a little like they just wrote it. Though you could say that that's the nature of psychosis - that it would be in remission then get triggered and take over again. It really does seem like the writers are just rambling at times. It's riveting though.

lc said...

it took me forever to find this post. I just finished the second season and since the most recent post is about the Yankees, I'm going back in time. So yeah, what about how Locke couldn't use his legs near the plane when Boone died? Why is Libby/Elizabeth everywhere and why did she die before we figured it out? How does electro magnetic energy build up? (That's actually not rhetorical - maybe you have MIT readers who would know that?) Oh, and is Sun's tutor the father or her baby? I'm hoping it's Michael's in some weird twist and he has another kid he will barely know on his hands.

Dan said...

talk about burying your comments. you and I are the only ones reading this right now. I haven't watched or thought too much about Lost since the week of the season finale, so my memory is a little sketchy right now. I don't have the answers for any of your questions (especially the electro-magnetism one). Libby was in the psych hospital with Hurley so the whole show including her death might be a figment of her imagination, as they were setting us up to believe was the case with Hurley's psychosis. Did Sun sleep with the tutor? That would be a major twist if an african/korean baby came out.

I talked to a reader recently who said "you know they're making it up as they go along, right?". He had no proof of this, but was absolutely convinced nonetheless. It is a real possibility. Especially with the theories in play that it's all in Hurley's head or the theory that they're all in a snow globe. Those would be easy ways to bail on the show once the ratings start to go down.

I like the moving island theory - that the whole island is actually mobile and is being moved around by Widmore Industries to keep Des away from Ms. Widmore and the Antartica trackers could only find it while the electromagnetism was temporarily discharged. But if Mr. Widmore really wanted to hide Des, why would he leave the ability to reveal himself (the temporary discharge) in his hands (the pushing of the button). Was it even a temporary discharge though? the hatch is trashed now. do they need to keep pushing the button?

Hopefully they'll do some refresher compiled scene episodes, otherwise I'm going to have to rent the dvd to prepare myself for Season 3 - which I can't wait for.

lc said...

re: burying. I know i'm a little late but i just finished the dvds and like you, want to know what the hell is going on.
Ah, moving island - that's a good one. I'm pretty convinced they're making it up as they go along, too - if only because it's a tv show and they never know when they'll get cancelled. Although, it is now a hit show so maybe they will clear some of this up.

I was thinking maybe they all died on the plane crash and this was some sort of purgatory like Paradise Lost or something. It seems like there's some karmic retribution happening, in any case. Oh, and the pregnancy test Sun takes is from Widmore labs...and i remember thinking and Kate said, "Who would take a pregnancy test on a plane?" Maybe that's significant. Also Libby is the one who gave Des the boat. Maybe she was in league with Widmore and she knew he wouldn't make it to the race.

So many questions. I hear we will be able to discuss at gunn lake? Unfortunately, season 3 won't have started.

Dan said...

Widmore industries is all over the place. If I remember correctly, Michael worked for Widmore Construction before the crash. Maybe Libby is working for Mr. Widmore to get all the people to the island.

I like the purgatory idea. some people think it's Atlantis.

Gunn Lake should be fun, eh? Unfortunately, I'll be busy giving the kids art lessons so I won't be able to have fun with the rest of you. How did I get signed up for that? Don't they have school out there?

lc said...

Art lessons could be fun...but not if you're having as much fun (ie as many mojitos) as we will probably have. Also, Michael Anne is a nasty beanbagger. Watch out.

Dan said...

oh please. she's got nothing on me and Simps.