Saturday, April 29, 2006



Dewy said...

ok. you can judge a player's defense on highlight reels. i choose to look at range factor and zone rating which by the way have jeter rated last in the american league.'

Dan said...

For those of you who aren't overly familiar with baseball, range factor and zone rating are totally irrelevant. I'm satisfied with Jeter's 4th place ranking in fielding percentage though. I also like this ranking here (and notice who's in last place on this one):

Dewy said...

Your understanding of the game is about as sophisticated as Ron Guidry's moustache.

Dan said...

and your statistical analysis is about as useful as Terry Francona's compulsive rocking. Other notes:

- Ron Villone's era is down to 2.00.

- The Yankees scored in every inning today - the 6th time that's ever happened in AL history.

- Modest Mouse was playing over the loudspeakers at Yankee Stadium today.

- The Steelers traded up to draft Santonio Holmes.

Christian said...

Carroll Gardens Crew said...

So I'm waiting in line at L.L.Bean in Freeport, Maine wearing my NY and waiting to check out. One of the cashiers looked up and noticed me in the queue. Scowling: "A Yankee fan in my line." :(

A woman of a certain age turned around to address me on the topic. She said, "I don't like the Yankees. I like the Red Sox." Pause. "But I do like that Derek Jeter."

That'd be Yankee wisdom.