Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bring Back Sons and Daughters

Now I know that many of you VTK readers may not have gotten the opportunity to see the show Sons and Daughters, that I touted a few posts back, but please sign this petition anyways to ask ABC to put it back on the air. Just trust me on this one. This show is very funny and I seriously hope that it won't go the way of Arrested Development. The AD petition kept them on for at least a second season even if it didn't save the show for longer than that. According to the creator, "The numbers were not good so we won't be returning on the merits of the ratings. Another chance to catch on could very well be in the cards for us but I won't know for sure until around the first week of May."

I really think that Americans need this type of comedy to be shoved down their throats until they realize that it is infinitely more funny than Hope and Faith and Less Than Perfect, which are taking it's place tonight. So wrong. Ugh. It's really depressing. People are starting to buy it with the American version of The Office, which is in the same general comedic neighborhood (though, as I said, S&D is more of a Middle American Woody Allen feel to it (to me anyways)). Maybe this stuff will catch on eventually.

And for those of you that were fans (and hopefully will be more in the future), here's a link to the creator's blog (which is on abc.com so will probably be pretty ass-kissy).

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