Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lobstahfest 06

Dewy24, CJ, and I headed up to Friendship, Maine for the weekend to visit with our old friends P & E and the new edition to their family, A. And let me tell you, folks: the kid is cute. She wasn't sure about me at first, but P pointed out that he's known me for 15 years and isn't sure either, which was an excellent point. She came around eventually.

The weekend consisted mostly of stuffing ourselves with delicious food and drink, with occasional breaks to walk around the beautiful coastal Maine town, watch/listen to our respective baseball teams, play with A, and even an opportunity to do a guest blog entry on P's blog, which is into it's 5th year. Now that's blog cred. The food and drink list was extensive and impressive, but the big highlight was the massive, heaping pot of delicious, steamed lobsters on Saturday night. I think I overdid it with the butter dipping but it was exoskeletal ecstacy. There's nothing like stuffing yourself with lobsters at night and then having lobster rolls for lunch the next day.

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