Sunday, April 02, 2006

All Quiet On The Northern Front

On Thursday, I heard some rustling upstairs from the McGee. The unmistakeable clomping and chair moving. No music or woos though, it stopped after about a 1/2 hour, and I haven't heard a peep since. So with the exception of that 30 minutes of reasonable noise, it's been total radio silence for close to 13 days now. deeeelightful.

The liquor store put their sign back up this weekend. Mojo's officially closed now. The Plough and Stars is fully reopened and having live music again. All sorts of changes on the block.

Day 3 of unemployment. Not too shabby. There is a little void in my left pocket where the blackberry used to be. That'll take some getting used to. My old co-worker Carol gave me a paring knife as a goodbye gift. I don't know if she planned it or not, but it made for a few good stick-it-to-the-Man-on-the-way-out jokes.

It's also worth mentioning that today is Opening Day for baseball (technically, the season started last night when the World Champion Chicago White Sox beat the Cleveland Indians but today is OD for the rest of the league). Seems like just yesterday that I launched Von Trapper Keeper with a post about the White Sox winning the World Series. I was all prepared to end this post with a photo montage poking fun at Curt Schilling, culled from the hilarious photoshop prankster Yankee fans at, but why start out on a note of negativity. There will be plenty of that this season as Sox fans watch their team wallow in 4th place and try to take it out on me. GO YANKS!!


scoutie said...

go sox!

Dan said...

Major League RBI Leaders:

1. A-Rod
2. Matsui

Dewy24 said...

well said scoutie.

i have a 5 year old nephew that is already a diehard sox fan and has never seen the yankee$ win a world series.

Major League Cheaters:

1. Barry Bonds
2. Jason Giambi
3. Gary Sheffield

Dewy24 said...

and why are you throwing bombs so early in the season? you know i can't resist. i won't dignify your comment about the sox wallowing in 4th place with a response but as a service to the good readers of von trapper keeper i'd like to point out that the yankee$ have spent $783,464,000 since 2001 and have won 0 world series. so in addition to having the distinction of the greatest collapse in american sports history (see ALCS 2004) i think they currently qualify as the most inefficient sports franchise in the world.

Dan said...

Before the good readers of Von Trapper Keeper get too impressed by the great and noble dewy24 defending the financially strapped, penny pinching, small market Boston Red Sox, I feel a duty to point out that, on this subject, he is a hypocritical, partisan hack with zero credibility. On other subjects, he's a close friend and an insightful, swell guy. But regarding baseball, dewy24 throws bombs in the offseason, preseason, season, and postseason, and then asks me why I'm throwing bombs so early? dewy24 is the baseball equivalent of a cluster bomb and he has the gall to paint me as the bad guy as I chuck paper ninja stars down the halls of the bomb shelter I am confined to? Go kill some more Iraqi children and then attend a Boston Red Sox Born Again Christian Conservative Clubhouse Prayer Session, dewy24.

And let's grab a beer sometime soon.