Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stuart Davis, sports fan

In talking about his influences, Stuart Davis said, "Some of the things that I'm interested in are athletics, provided that I'm not the one doing them, ..." Go on, Stu, you crazy sports fan. In the same interview, Stu said that he started incorporating his signature in the composition of his pieces because he found the convention to be "an annoyance ... unessential ... an incongruity". Right on, Stu. Fuck that shit.


Brian said...

I watched this too:
It's no Rasputin's genitals, but it ain't bad.

Dan said...

At 11 inches, not much measures up with Rasputin's Johnson. No wonder they call it St. Petersburg.

I just caught from Pollock on. Good synopsis. Stu's interview cracked me up. I always liked him.

brian said...

I think you might have missed the Georgia O'Keefe NYC paintings part of the show, which was also cool.

Dan said...

I did. But I do have a distinct memory of staring at Stu's Champion painting in the old MoMA and then walking over to the Georgia O'Keefe painting in the same room and standing in front of it with my shaved head and hearing a prototypical jaded NYC hipster cougar say "oh, look at the phallic symbol". Why they gotta hate, Brian? Why they gotta hate?