Friday, December 09, 2005

The Brentmeister General

This is a post about Ricky Gervais. But first, here's an excerpt from Gary Cherone's website:

"Never content to sit still or simply recycle his considerable musical success, Cherone's new musical offerings showcase the face and voice of a true artist in his prime. Collaborating with the production team Nero, Cherone's new music is a distinctive hybrid of soul, pop, rock, and folk. Masterful arrangements pair smooth chord changes with a funky backbeat, all anchored by Cherone's unmistakeable voice. His sexy, heartfelt, and self-assured vocals are the audio equivalent of a match lit close to the ear: immediate, engaging and impossible to ignore. The artist tackles lyrical themes that have inspired him throughout his songwriting career: life experiences, relationships, desire, loss, and the complexities of the people we meet in this world. Gary summons all the soul of his superlative band, and conjures up the exuberance and intimacy of a great live performance in each track."

ok, now that the palette is cleansed, on to Mr. Gervais, the comic genius behind David Brent and The Office (BBC version). First the past: Thanks to the San Francisco chapter of Von Trapper Keeper for this dandy. Is it real? I don't know, but it's great. And second, the present: I came across this link the other day for a free download of the first of Ricky's podcasts. I may have to subscribe to this through iTunes.


scoutie said...

ahhhh!! lions and midgets and bears oh my!

Dan said...

Are you referring to the Cambodian Midget Fighting Leagues unsuccessful attempt to beat a lion in battle? I want to know what their plan was. Why did they think that 40 midgets would be able to take on a lion?